Friday, February 28, 2014

The Eagle has landed.....

Writers can be a bit dramatic at times. I suppose it helps with getting the odd dash of drama and tension into your stories. Having submitted the first draft of LAST KISS to the publishers today, it feels like I've delivered a third child. Having had three children, I recognise that it is not quite the same thing, but call it being overly dramatic, or just plain exhausted, I do feel in some a way like I've given birth, only without the obvious pain....

This last novel has been a tricky one, and for a number of reasons, but then again, I like tricky, mainly because it is challenging.

I guess each story will present its own challenges. With RED RIBBONS, I wanted to portray the fear of the bad man in society through a series of voices, including that of the killer. With THE DOLL'S HOUSE, I found the area of hypnosis, fascinating, and hopefully within the telling of the tale, the past and present were realised in a way that had a level of uniqueness.

With LAST KISS, as a writer, I was brought somewhere else entirely. I'm probably still too close to it right now, but to say it tested me would seem reasonable. Within all three novels, the killer's voice featured predominately, but within LAST KISS, this element went up a level.

It will be interesting to see how it is received, but good or bad, I couldn't have written it any other way.

Now, off to pick up my life, get some food into the house, find a floor under the mess, say hello to my family, and any friends that are still around after me ignoring them for a considerable about of time, take care of the work backlog, and remember to do a bit of living!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Something Wicked

I'm really looking forward to this! If you're interested in Crime Fiction Writing, then this might be for you - the workshop is FREE, but reservation via the email (info@somethingwicked.eu) is essential.

Friday, February 14, 2014

The End!!

Well, I've reached the end of the 1st draft of LAST KISS (working title) all 116,000 words!

Time for a short break and then a couple of weeks of editing before submission!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Going into hiding!

I'll be in hiding for the next week getting to the end game of LAST KISS Draft One - See you all on the other side!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Monday, February 3, 2014

What A Year!

Interview with EMUZINE Writers' Magazine

"The past year has been the most exciting and successful yet for author Louise Phillips...."

READ FULL ARTICLE HERE or click image below!

A milestone, but how far away is the end game?

I passed the 100,000 words today in my first draft!! (Working Title - Last Kiss)

Mind you - I still don't know what the whole plot will involve. I guess I'll have to trust the process.

Yesterday was a bit of a marathon run for me, getting over 3,000 words done, and I think I'm paying the price for it today, but still, I'm reasonably happy.

Apart from the finer details of the plot, and how it will all end, I can't put an estimate on how far away the finish line is. 

It's close, but how close is the question??

CWA Debut Dagger Competition - What happens next!

The CWA Debut Dagger Competition for 2014 is closed. They are now busy ensuring all of the entries are logged, referenced and sent to their teams of readers whose job it is to consider all submissions and to draw up the shortlist which is then sent to their judges.

This year their judging panel includes Alison Joseph, Robert Peett, Leigh Russell, Sarah Hodgson and David Headley.

Shortlisted authors will be announced at a CWA reception at CrimeFest in May 2014 and the winner will be announced at the CWA Dagger Awards Dinner on the 30th June in London.

They will contact ALL entrants to let them know whether they have been shortlisted (although not before this is announced at the reception) but please be aware the judge's decision is final and they will not enter into any correspondence about the results.

Best of luck to all involved!

READ last year's winning entry 'Call Time' by Finn Clarke on the Crime Readers' Association website on Monday.


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