Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Crime Night - Readers Day at the Library!!

I am really looking forward to this event, so if you live in and around Ennis, do get booking!!


Monday, October 15, 2018

Homeless Hotel in Post-Production!!

One of my favourite pics above from the filming of Homeless Hotel. I can't tell you how exciting it is watching this come to life, and how very privileged I feel that my short story around Homelessness is being adapted by this amazing group of people!!
Thanks to Getter Gilden Producer for sharing.......
A big round of applause to EVERYONE, our crew, our cast, our sponsors and supporters, who has made this film come true!!! We're now in post-production!
(the list is too long to be completely included in this post, so pls wait for the film to come out)
Homeless Hotel written and directed by Hsieh Meng Han
Original short story by Louise Phillips
Fay Burwell, Myla Willson Collins, Pete Russell, Amy Dolan
Producer: Getter Gilden
Executive Producer: BODYORBIT CO. LTD. Jin Yu Chu, Zhuang Long Fei, Yu Che Chen, Wu Zheng Yan
1st AD: Edison Wu
DP: Suparawee Victor Patravanich
Production designer: Rich Wooller
Costume designer: Kate E. A.Turner
Makeup artist: Eric Rowan
Sound recordist: Max Ellis
Editor: Alice Birkin
Sound designer: Arnas Pigulevičius
Camera operators: Kanokon Tanwattana, João Luís Ribeiro
Gaffer: Tyler Caminada
1st AC: Kimberley Holmes
2nd AC: Max Boon
Spark: Francisco Morais, Frank Cheng, Mitoshka Alkova, Khan Scott-Mason
Grip/DIT: Miguel Pinto
Photographer/videographer: 林文婷
Production assistants: Ignat Ignatov, Anthoniy Hristov
Casting: Callum McClelland, Ignat Ignatov, Ruby Mutimer, Rebekah Cubbin
Location: Maria Nytun Flø, Mónica Fuentes
Fundraising consultant: 汪尚柏
Kickstarter page designer: Radhika Sawla
Social media manager: Mónica Fuentes
Marketing assistant: Alice Birkin
Script supervisor: Don McGregor
Van driver/catering manager: Hai Ngo
Cake master: Tashan Maxwell
Art department: Mohamed AlSaloom, Harry Hughes, Clare Dickson, Serin Saravanan, Anuja Khandelwal
Costume maker: Ebony Lynn
Wardrobe assistants: Sophie Blair, Paige Gregory, Fiona Currie, Lauren Lismar, Tilly Tambini Cooper
Makeup assistants: Shelby Cockram, Lucy Moore, Declan Andrew Bracken-Lamb, Chuck Hayter, Clair Pannell, Gigi Rainsbury, Rachael Britton, Megan Carter
Chaperones: Charlotte Burwell, Theresa Willson Collins
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