Friday, November 19, 2010

Poetry Bus Poem - Existence

This week's wonderful poetry prompt by 'Enchanted Oak', asked us to think about our existence on earth, good, bad, or indifferent. Plenty to think about there!

For what it's worth, here's my contribution this week.


Some people with more knowledge in these things,
have told me lots of reasons for living a good and healthy life.
I have heard all the usual soundbites,
even some strange ones like,

How the rings around my pupils,
(eye pupils that is) mean I am a woman with strong inclination.
That I am psychic,
and see lots of things,

Having 'fire in my soul',
keeping hubby well hooked,
and for the most part,
pretty nuts about me.

And not wanting to blow my own trumpet,
lots think, I am some woman, for one woman you see,
although others including yours truly,
have questioned the childhood in me.

Figuring something warp must have happened within it,
for what other reason could there be,
for wanting to be pretty great at blinkin' everything,
and failing, despite bloody-minded me!

For the most part, only those that really know me,
have ever seen, my strange other side,
the one lined in self-doubt and confusion,
and vulnerability roaring high through the ride.

Like most of us, I have my deep moments,
when it's just me and not anyone else,
when I wonder the reason for one's existence,
and stop being so caught up in other parts of self.

On philosophical days, I think it is all about just leaving,
more good than bad along your way,
or having one hell of a fantastic memory,
sure isn't life for the living, they say.

I scold myself for not having done more to help others,
for wasting too many hours in bed,
or thinking too much,
about things that don't really matter,

Like whether it rains or life will get any better,
or who'll gets kicked out of 'Xfactor' next week,
or what colour my hair might turn out to be next time,
or my son's penalty points on the jeep.

I guess of late I've just come to discover,
that little old me doesn't know what answer to call.
So like most, I'll just keep on trucking,
sure confusion isn't too bad after all.


  1. I'll just keep trucking onwards,
    sure confusion isn't too bad at all.

    Sounds like good advice to me...

  2. You made me laugh with that line "I am some woman for one woman you see." I'm going to steal that and tell it to my hubby.
    Welcome aboard the Bus again, and keep trucking!

  3. Oh! I forgot to tell you: There's a mistake in my link here. Should be:

  4. Hi Enchanted Oak thanks for that, I've fixed the link sorry. Enjoy driving the bus!

  5. Yes, 120 Socks, that IS existence!
    Lovely use of the colloquial and slang and I loved the meander with your mind.
    And cleverer than you pretend...

  6. Well ...... I like the way you think!

  7. Brilliant, altho less of the failing, can't see much of that in you! The rest is a great and accurate description I think, ya fiery thing!!
    And yes - keep on with the trucking!

  8. Thanks Niamh. Hope the radio went well today, I was in the middle of rewrites so never got a chance to listen, but I'll get it on the download.

  9. this is my first ride on the bus, and your stop is perfect. I'm now a follower of your socks.
    (see my Tuesday Toes=Wordless Wednesday)
    have a great week, and thanks for commenting on my poetry bus poem!

  10. I really like this style, so full of movement and life! It certainly suits the prompt and takes us on a ride. Very cleverly done!

  11. Thanks Di, your tuesday toes = wordless wednesday sounds interesting, will check it out deffo!

    Glad you liked it Karen, I think the bus ride with the tickets in so far has been pretty cool overall.

  12. I liked the "keeping hubby well hooked" and I haven't heard that "keep on trucking" phrase in ages! I am picturing an old over-exaggerated Popeye-style poster. Anyone remember it?


  13. Ah sure I guess here in Ireland we are giving 'keep on trucking' a revival these days with all the doom and gloom. And yes I remember Popeye!!! We all need some spinach!!

  14. I love it! Keep on trucking - just stay in the proper lane now and again, follow the speed limit only when it makes sense, and stop at the red lights. I will too!

  15. Thanks Muse Swings, lanes are good, they can help you to get to your destination a lot quicker, jumping from one to the other isn't always a good thing, but like the speed, it very much depends. Red stop signs are non negotiable though!!

  16. Another sock special. This prompt brought out the best.Muddling through and leaving more good than bad along the way, is something to be proud of in any book, let alone a poetry one!


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