Monday, November 22, 2010

Novel - Looking for Superpower

Okay for all those 2 people out there wanting an update on the novel front, here it is!!

Having walked away from my family at the kitchen table with the colander on my head the other evening, I set about the task in hand, or rather part of the task.

The filtering system of the colander did help greatly, and the holes ensured only limited erosion of what was left of my shrunken brain occurred.  I managed, (for their own safety you understand) to ignore my family for the entire weekend and got my 1,500 words done, made some alterations to the plot, got through another editing process on some early chapters, and despite not achieving all my goals, by Sunday night, I felt like a fighter, someone who did not quit!

Then I made the fatal mistake of taking the colander off my head before I went to sleep last night, and all the demons of self doubt came flooding back, because when I awoke this morning, the warrior/fighter part of me was no more.  I was like a wounded animal, a lost cause, when I looked at the novel, most of the good bits had disappeared and the bad bits were eating away whatever few good bits were left.  It took me a while before I understood the problem.

Thankfully the colander was not too far away, having only been discarded to the kitchen sink.  Once it was on my head again, I immediately looked up to the skies and knew my answer would be out there somewhere.  It was then that I contacted a superpower, their identity shall remain a secret for now.  But like all superpowers they gave me their words of wisdom in superpower time.  So thanks to them, and of course the colander, which was already setting me on a new positive path of discovery, I made the decision that the novel will continue anew tomorrow, that the house will remain untidy and without food, Christmas will get there whatever way it can, I will continue to ignore my family for just another little while, and pretty much everything else in my life and WRITE THE BLOODY STORY!


  1. Good stuff, keep on plugging - we'll be looking for a loan of that colander soon!

  2. We love loans in Ireland!!

    I have 3 colanders, so there is plenty to go around. But I must check if the others have the same magical powers!!!

  3. Just finish the draft at this point is my advise - regardless of whether you think it is perfect or not. 73 % is almost there!

  4. Thanks David. Yeap that's my current plan. If I get the story to the end game, I have something. What exactly that is going to be I am not completely sure of, but I have the sense right now that is reasonably credible,so if that proves to be the case, I can work on it thereafter. If you are in need of a colander, I still have one spare!!


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