Sunday, November 14, 2010

Poetry Bus Poem - The One


Lately I’ve started to wonder,
what if life isn’t that complicated after all.
What if decisions just caused interesting scenery,
and the road itself was nothing at all?

Yes I know, if we were lucky we managed,
to pick up lots of love and wonder on our way,
and for all of that I'm eternally grateful,
but the road just a road all the same.

Actually when did the pathway become more than the person?
If it has, maybe we’ve lost more than ourselves on its path.
There’s no doubt that my road brought its pain and its passion,
but is it not just a road after that?

When I was little, I had big dreams filled with silly notions,
of all sorts of things that could never quite be.
When I was young and didn’t know any better,
and life’s lessons were all about being free.

I’ve thought long and hard about most of life’s key decisions,
although I’ve learned less than I might well have done.
Though I’ve noticed one thing very distinctive about them,
that ultimately, I am the one.


  1. Very nice take on the prompt - a road's just a road after all. Too often, we look for someone or something to blame. I love your last line. Maybe if we realized that earlier, we could walk our paths with a different attitude.

  2. You have posed interesting and intriguing questions in your piece ... I enjoyed reading it.

  3. "When did the pathway become more than the person"? When, indeed?

    Nice work! Big dreams and silly notions - yes! That's exactly the way it goes for some of us.


  4. Thanks Helen and Kat. Mind you I still have my fair share of dreams and silly notions. Growing up can't take all of the best bits away!

  5. Well done socks, thought provoking and true!

  6. The other thing about a road's scenery - what you see depends on which way you're facing! :)

  7. There's a nice counterpoint struck here between traveller and journey, each half repeated line at the end of the first three stanzas drawing the reader's attention back to what really has priority. I wonder if the further repetition in the last line might underpin this finally - something along the general lines of 'that ultimately, I am the one. And the road is just the road...'

    I hope you don't mind my making a suggestion on what is a forum, not a workshop!

  8. I dont mind suggestions, whatever helps!

  9. Very philopsophical, thought provoking, tinged with melancholy. I likes it!

  10. Thanks Totalfeckineejit. Your blog name makes me want to smile everytime I see it, great name for the world's greatest blog!!


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