Monday, July 4, 2011

The Age Old Argument - Who are the better drivers?

BMW Ad 1970's

We have all got hot under the collar in the past regarding the above question, and there are as many views as there are people, however most would agree at this point that statistically women win out where accident are concerned, generating fewer and less costly claims.  Up until the recent directive from the EU - female drivers got far cheaper insurance than their male counterparts, because in the numbers game that is insurance, fewer costly claims generated by women, meant lower risk, therefore lower cost.

It would seem according to this link HERE, that men tend to break the rules more, receive more traffic offenses for speeding etc, and in part because of this, when they do have an accident, it tends to be a more severe one.  Also it is noted that female drivers are beginning to narrow the gap, bringing more aggression into their driving.  I will leave the analysis of the data to yourselves, but the general feeling behind the article it would appear, is that women currently are more minor 'fender-benders' than complete 'write-off' of the car.  So with the latter in mind, perhaps this Vintage Ad. from 1960's isn't that far off the mark!

(For those of you who find it difficult to read the small print above...)

Women are soft and gentle, but they hit things.  If your wife hits something in a Volkswagen, it doesn't hurt very much...........So when your wife goes window-shopping in a Volkswagen, you can conveniently replace anything she uses to stop the car - including the brakes!


  1. It just seems to me that men and women make different mistakes/break different laws. I do agree that men tend to
    have the more serious accidents, though.

  2. Ooh Socks, that's interesting, and I guess the stats don't lie. I used to do a job that involved driving very fast cars very fast, and from my experience would say I worked with more outstanding male drivers than outstanding female drivers, and I'm allowing for the fact that there were far fewer females to start off with.

    Me? I'm a writer-offer, not a fender-bender. An absolute nightmare if I've got the car to myself.

  3. Yeap you're right Dave - we are different in this as in other aspects of life.

    Titus - a writer-offer - hmmm - interesting. Get what you're saying as well.

  4. Interesting post.... and they say that for every child a woman has her driving slows by something like 10mph. I know I drive slower now that I did when I worked 'on the road' and had only 1 child!

  5. Barbara - u should check out Katyod tweets re guy too close on her tail this morning! I think you deffo change when u r responsible for others - and I think a degree of maturity as well sets in - u stop assuming that things you can never predict won't happen!

  6. I know for sure that I've slowed down significantly since becoming a mom. I used to not be able to avoid speeding tickets--EVER.

  7. First of all I just LOVE the first picture, I want all of her fabulous jewelry right now!!

    I don't like to admit this....but my man is a better driver than me as he is actually more cautious than me..I take chances!

    But in say that, I'm more skilled than him...so I suppose it's evens!

    Great post!

  8. HA! I love this post for many reasons:

    1) I am way better a driver than my husband (he doesn't agree, but I have nothing on my driving record. Enough said.)

    2) My husband is always pointing out women drivers when they cut us off, tailgate us, or do any minor infraction which drives him mad--I make sure to point out the men on the shoulder exchanging insurance information.

    3)Not only do I drive VW's and desperately wish I could own a late model bug, I've been in an accident (as a passenger) in one and let me tell you...the ad doesn't lie. My husband and I were t-boned by a teenager doing 80 trying to pass us while we made a left turn. Yes, he smacked into us going 80 mph and we got out and walked away.

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning. ;-)

  9. Thanks Amber - I sense another debate/question coming on .... Do we become more causious drivers as parents?

    LOL Michelle - only u wud be loving the rings! Concentrate on the point in hand girl - ok, sounds like u might be d male in d relationship, even with the jewelry!

    Krystal - Sounds like u know what u r talking about - 10 out of 10 for VW's!

  10. an emotive subject always! part of the reason tradtionally women were lower accident risks was their exposure was less - on average they did fewer miles than men did

    here in exile they are all dangerous drivers but the heavily veiled women are really scary because they drive as if they can't see anything ...

  11. L,

    I hate to admit it but I am the exception that proves the rule. While I've never had a ticket from 1995 until 2009 every time my insurance rate would finally drop back down from one wreck, I'd have another. I went through five cars in wrecks (4 were totalled, the 5th was too old to find reasonably priced replacement parts for) and all but one accident were my fault.

    It's a year-and-a-half since my last wreck and I'm really hoping I break the pattern because I really love my little Ford Escort. I'd like to keep it a good long time and actually wear a car out for a change!

  12. Gosh that is rather amazing - here's looking out for you and your little ford escort!

  13. Hmmm...since insurance for young men is way way higher than it is for the 'riper' woman I'd say that answers the question. Still the myths live on...signed Niamh aka Soft & Mental

  14. Not for long will this lower cost be the case - EU directive says it ain't fair! Soft & Mental comes to mind!

  15. my son is 22 and has written off 2 cars, my daughter is 25 and hasn't written off any but she can't drive. my wife has me in fear of my life whenever i am a passenger, but i am not a good passenger, not typical male views because her sister agrees with me. when being driven by her i can feel the icy hand of the grim reaper upon my shoulder, we really should get a two seater!

  16. Thanks riggerscam - I think all drivers made awful passengers - it's called zero control - 2much knowledge!

  17. I think who is the better driver is based on each individual . However I definitely think males take more risks than women which possibly leads them to have more accidents than women.


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