Sunday, July 31, 2011

Top Ten Hits - July 2011

As I am totally lacking in imagination this morning, and it also happens to be month end, I thought why not see which posts were the most popular in July? 

Now I'm not sure how many of you remember Top of the Pops, a music programme which featured a count down of the music charts, and a definite favourite for me growing up. 

Anyhow it was all about which songs made it to the Top Ten, so seeing as how the creative juices aren't flowing, here's the Top Ten Hits on the blog for July in reverse order! Just click on the links below, it you want to take a look.

Number 10     The Age Old Argument - Who Are The Better Drivers? HERE

Number 9       Caught In Amber - Photo & Poem HERE

Number 8       First Twitter Memory - We all have one! HERE

Number 7       Love Remembered - Short Prose Piece based in Paris HERE

Number 6       Why I use Favourites on Twitter HERE

Number 5       Interview with Hennessy Award Winner - Eileen Casey HERE

Number 4       How Times Have Changed - Shocking Retro Advertisement HERE

Number 3       Monkey & The Brain Eater - Micro fiction Piece HERE

Number 2       When You Were Small? HERE

Number 1       What I know about Twitter Lists HERE

Thanks again everybody for visiting!


  1. Why am I not suprised which post was no 1 lol it's only one I haven't got too yet hav it in Favs so plan to read it today :-)

  2. Ha,ha, tattoodevil13 - It will turn your Twitter Life firmly in d right direction!!!

  3. Okay, how is it that my fave post - Love Remembered - is only number 7? lol That's just wrong. More people need to read that story and make it number 1!

  4. Ah thanks Derek - Glad u liked it!

  5. Hi Louise. Wow, this blog is hopping! Been a while since I visited (haven't been blogging much myself lately), but I'll be around a bit more over the next while. Great to see you read last night - really enjoyed it. See you soon, Padhraig

  6. Thanks Padhraig & enjoyed ur read as well last night especially the last poem!

  7. Hi louise,

    I love this post, it has my fave posts all in one place!

    I might borrow your idea for my blog!!


  8. No worries Michelle - work away!


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