Friday, July 15, 2011

Who will take the title of Sock Number 120???

Okay, 2day is the day U could be the 120th Sock
@120 Socks! 

These opportunities only happen once - so if you fancy following this blog -


  1. Hi Louise I would love to be the 120th sock lol. Why do I feel ridiculous saying that? Partly my fear of commitment as I'm unsure what this will intale and partly that I'm volunteering to be a sock a garment I have previously associated with bad smells and dead skin. However in these modern times I believe together we can take the sock to new levels and shake of it's old grungy image. I know I have been called a few things over the years but I'm pretty sure a sock was not one of them. Despite this I will put my best foot forward and try to live up to the honour of being the "120th SOCK.". If you will have me of course?

  2. Certainly tattoodevil13 - but get in fast - you might miss d slot!

    Ah Titus - d prize is in d title! But thanks for being a tip top terrbily talented tempting tantilising terrific follower!!!

  3. The 120 Sock Title has gone to tattoodevil13! Congrats!!!


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