Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How Times Have Changed, Or Have They? - Burnt Toast

Ah sure there is nothing like burning stuff to set your day off just right.  Managed to burn toast under the grill this morning, setting off mega loud fire alarm, simultaneous buzzing, bells, and god knows what else. 

It took me ages to work out how to disable the alarm panel, teenage son slept through the whole thing - go figure!!!

But of course, if I had have had some beer in, all would have been well!

Happy Tuesday!

(Head still hurts)


  1. Ha! That got my morning off to a good start with a laugh. These ads just keep getting better and better. "Don't worry about burning the house down, dear. Let's get pissed!" :-)

  2. Ahh what a nice way to start my morning, tea, UNBURNT bagel and ur blog ;). I love the way I can hear ur accent through ur writing, brings it to life. What on earth r u doing up at that time u mad woman?
    Isn't it funny how we organise everything so well ur son slept on in the knowledge he could sleep safetly through the alarm. Surely if u was in danger he wouldn't need to engage his brain cause MUM would come and carry him go safety Lmao. I must have a new age son, only 4 but he tells me how to call for help, who to ask for and where r escape route is. I live in hope he will be a new generation of men not, so reliant on the females in his life but early days will keep u posted.
    Great post louise, no trauma experienced ;-)
    Good morning to ya

  3. Ah tattoodevil - hope u enjoyed your bagel! - u just wait until 4 year is a teenager, he will sleep through World War 3!

    Gosh didn't know I had an accent in my writing, now there's something to think about!!!

  4. FAB!! Reminds of partner No.1 - only not so tall & handsome and I doubt I'd have wept buckets having burnt the dinner.

  5. Ha! If I burn dinner I am greeted with a sad look, as if he is saying "if you loved me; you never could brun my dinner!"

    Kinda like that add.


  6. Eww burnt toast. The worst! The day can only get better, right?

  7. Priceless, Louise! Straight out of Mad Men, although you know I watch far too many crime scene investigation shows when I see the drippy stuff on the stove and think it's blood. hah!

  8. Hopefully it will get better Krystal.

    Lol SK, now that I look at it, it does look a bit like blood - oh dear!

  9. God, if only life was really like that!


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