Thursday, July 21, 2011

Caught in Amber - Pic & Poem

The image below was taken by my photographic daughter and I liked it even when it was just a tiny icon on her computer screen.  I wanted to write something about it from the get go, but couldn't think of anything initially, however this is what I finally came up with. 

(By the way on my PC the image is Amber)

Caught in Amber

A room and bed discarded
bereft of all but memory
of how her breath filled air
and jasmine drifted under sheets.
Amber lights and passing street sounds
infuse and murmur
fragments lingering
of something past.
A place where normality no more exists
but trapped in time
caught by faintest recall
of how her hair spread as wild grass across the pillow
the warmth of skin
and ache
the ancient truth
that wills her back.


  1. Oh how I empathise with this. Daughters have a way of slipping through our lives and leaving only their fragrant perfumed essence behind for us to cling to!
    Great poem. Thankyou.

  2. This is lovely ... amber infused.

  3. I notice from Gerry's comment that this is about your daughter, but it could just as easily be a very sensual love poem. Either way, I think it's wonderful—especially "her hair spread as wild grass..."

  4. Hi guys and thanks. You're right Kat, it was supposed to be a sensual love poem, but it just goes to show that many interpretations can be made. I guess that is the joy of it!

  5. Tis a sensuous poem I liked the 'Amber lights and passing street sounds' and 'her hair spread as wild grass across the pillow'
    And scents/perfumes are powerful, they linger long after a person has left. A girlfriend left me once and I had a shirt she had worn, I didn't wash it (or wear it) for 6 months!
    And a scent can smack you in the face in the midst of anything, or nothing, and flash you right back like raw lightning to a past time.
    Good writing/driving!

  6. I like this a lot! Especially "the ancient truth that wills her back."

  7. TFE you're right, scents are powerful things that bring you back to a memory quicker than anything. As for the shirt, sounds like she might be a lady that missed out!

    Thanks Bug, just seen your ticket, I'll go and scoop you up!

  8. i'm struck by the voice you've used in this one in particular ... the sonics are wonderful and it strikes a nice balance between obvious and obscure - i mean, nice and moody... i'm glad i came across it.

    i look forward to reading more.


  9. Thanks Noxy and love your icon!!

  10. "The ancient truth" - and the modern one, also -- is that this is a gorgeous image that found its poem.

  11. I liked your amber offering, and have now posted mine as a super early ticket HERE

  12. Please ignore the first comment ... link is


  13. Thanks Lydia, yes I'm glad the two of them came together.
    Jinksy we are both caught in Amber! Good to have you on board with a super early ticket.
    Helen you're now safety on the bus, enjoy the ride.

  14. Love the trapped in time, linking back to the amber. Agree with Kat - it can be read in different ways, the hallmark of a good poem.

  15. I like the single word prompt. I have put it into an historical context HERE

  16. Great poem. Really good. Hope you don't mind, I followed your lead.

  17. I really enjoyed this poem. Light like that,
    illicit s all sorts of hope and memories.
    nowadays the hope launches me. Thanks.

  18. Thanks guys and thanks for joining the bus!

  19. Nice - very complementary to the image - and vice versa.

  20. What a beautiful poem. Makes me feel sad for the person left behind with just memories. I can invisage the Amber room with a steam of sunlight highlighting the dust particles in the air. Lying on her pillow remembering her scent and how her hair spread out across it. Beautiful images brought to life. Lovely Louise loved it xx

  21. Is there no end to your literary talents? Beautifully moving poem. Fabulous image,

  22. Oh Louise - just catching up in blogland and came accross this beauty.

    A work of art!

    Anna :o]

  23. thank Caren & thanks Anna - I like dis one myself..X

  24. Caren is right; there is no end to your talent. I loved that you were struck by the pictures, then the colour came into play with the street sounds.


  25. Lovely pic and lovely poem. They work so well together. Favourite line: "of how her hair spread as wild grass across the pillow". Such a striking image.

  26. Actually derek, that's my fav line as well- thks for comment, always appreciated!

  27. beautiful...think every mother can relate to this I have moved house twice since my daughter left but I definitely know when she has been to visit,her aura remains .....thank you for sharing and giving your support

  28. Thanks kez - funny thing is, some people see the daughter element, but others which was my original intention see a guy talking about a lost love. Either one works, glad you liked it!

  29. Wow. This is indeed beautiful, both the photo and your words. I, too, thought it was about a daughter leaving. Perhaps because you mentioned your daughter taking the photo or perhaps because we're starting to talk colleges with my daughter and I'm getting sentimental!

  30. Ah thanks Lolamouse - Funny the way when a thought gets into your head, your brain tends to follow in that direction. Good luck with your daughter starting college - bet she will love it!


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