Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fringe Festival - Three Men Talking About Things They Kinda Know About

This is my first post on the Fringe Festival which will happen in Dublin between 10th - 25th September, and what better event to start with than this one!  In 'Three Men Talking About Things They Kinda Know About', we are treated to the 3 Kings of what's happening now on the Dublin Scene.

Colm Keegan of Nighthawks, Stephen James Smith of The Glór Sessions  & Kalle Ryan of Brownbread Mixtape

Here's a brief glimpse of the madness you will hear on the night,via the Fringe Festival site.

Admit it. our heads are totally wrecked. And we kinda want to talk about it.  All of the things that shaped us and brought us to this moment; our families, the pure chance of falling in love, the randomness of absolutely everything, we kinda want to talk about that too. We’re all unique, but our experiences overlap. With each other. With everyone. With you. This is a nonfiction spoken word show about the universal truths that fuck us all up - Three men. Different histories. Same shit.

  • Company: Kalle Ryan, Stephen James Smith & Colm Keegan
  • Venue: The International Bar
  • Date/Time: Mon 19 September 2011 7:00 pm / Tue 20th September 2011 7:00 pm / Wed 21st September 2011 7:00 pm / Thu 22nd September 2011 7:00 pm / Fri 23rd September 2011 7:00 pm / Sat 24th September 2011 5:30 pm
  • Duration 60 mins
Link to booking this event HERE


  1. I would love to see that it sounds great :) Will be good fun

  2. Any chance of you coming down to mad Dublin in d next while?

  3. Well now there's a loaded question lol. Maybe my hubby & myself haven't had any child free time in ages so u never know. Will start working on him ;) hahaha not in a literal sense!
    Just wanted to clarify that point before any smartypants said something :@

  4. Bet I know who you're talking about! And you never know, we might actually have a summer then - will this rain ever stop!!

  5. Sounds interesting alright, I love the name of it! Himself would love it; seeing as he is a king!!

    Beir bua

  6. Himself is not alone Michelle - they all kings, at least they think they are!

  7. hahahahahah!! you are so right! men eh?!

  8. 3 wise men! Should be a good show!


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