Monday, July 25, 2011

First Twitter Memory - We all have one!!

I read a great blog post from my friend Niamh Greene (@Niamh_Greene), all about her relationship with Twitter.  Now I say friend tentatively because I 've never actually met Niamh.  Our relationship began on this wonderful phenomenon called Twitter!

In her post Niamh talks about the good and bad things about Twitter, and just so you have something to look forward to in the future, at some point soon I hope to do a post called 'The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Twitter', but in the meantime, Niamh's post got me thinking about my first Twitter memory - all 66 days ago.

To begin with, like Niamh I had avoided facebook, bebo and god knows what else.  I liked blogging, and emailing, and even Skype, but Twitter was not for me.

Finally about 67 days ago another friend (one whom I actually met in person), told me to give Twitter a try.  I thought God No!  Do I have to!  But like all older-bold children, once I finished ranting and raving to myself (as I often do), I set about the task in hand.

Experience has taught me to always seek expert advice, and with Twitter, I wasn't going to change a trusted system.  So I duly sought out a professional.

Her name was Orla, a daughter of a friend of mine.  Orla has just finished her Junior Cert, so was a definate expert.  Myself and Orla together registered me on Twitter.  We did this upstairs in the back bedroom while her Mom minded the vino downstairs.  Orla was brilliant and I sent out my first tweet.  I couldn't believe it when my niece responded, liking my quote about writing - I was hooked.

Now this brings me nicely to another thing I've learned in life.  If someone reaches out a hand to you, you should grab it.  With this in mind, I met my niece (the wonderful @RachelLuRay) in the 'Queen of Tarts' for tea and well, tart.  Rachel explained loads to me about @Mentions, TinyURL, Favourites, RT's, some great twitter sites to get started with - and so with the help of the experts, I was off.

I played around with the Twitter bug for about a week, doing what I do best, observing.  I discovered all about #ff friday, and how a DM was different to an @Mention, and bit by bit, I got the hang of it.

Since joining Twitter, I have managed to do lots of things. I have increased my blog hits and blog followers for one, which is brilliant because I love to get comments.  After 66 days, I now have 823 Twitter followers. I became Number 28 in Ireland this week in the Follow Friday rankings.  I also managed to get hacked at least once, had a follower who seemed very nice turn quite strange and horrid, got a DM that upset me, but most of all, and I really mean this (it is not just some sop that people dish out), I have met some brilliant folk who matter to me as friends, whom I didn't know 66 days ago, but now count!

Anyhow (fav crutch word) - What is your first Twitter memory??  Come on share it!

Link HERE to @RachelLuRay fab post on changing technology, iphone, twitter & a lot more besides! You'll understand why I call her an expert!


  1. think mine is the fact so many people had a connection to where I live ....

  2. Just goes to show how small the world is!

  3. That's such a coincidence I started around that time too. So ur well ahead of me with ur twitter knowledge. Although I've spent far too long just messing around on it having a laugh before I realised it cud be useful in a practical sense. I can't remember how I met Caren Kennedy but she pointed me in the rite direction to meet a lot of great ppl who have helped & encouraged me to do things I would never have done left to my own devices. This in mind the best thing that has came from twitter is meeting such an array of great ppl(few odd balls) but there everywhere anyway lol. It's funny how u can feel a bond with ppl even though u have never met. So as long as u use it wisely twitter is a great tool I seriously cudnt be without ;)

  4. My sentiments exactly tattoodevil13!

  5. Don't get me started on this! @DerekF03 did that and I ended up hijacking his social media post. See, there's a prime example of twitter. I'm talking about a person we haven't met using a first name only but I know that you know to whom I'm referring.

    I'm planning on writing my next blog posting on, you guesed it, Twitter. But suffice to say, being on Twitter since May last, now means writing is no longer a solitary pursuit.

    My earliest Twitter memory is being blown away by having (and enjoying) a four way conversation between people in Florida, Waterford, Belfast and Dublin about ... I can't remember now but it was very funny, that I do know.

    You did get me started on this and I am rambling, so I'll leave it at that.


    PS. Now, there's another thing. Twitter stimulates the need to write.

  6. Hi. Sadly, the first thing that pops into my head is the fact that very early on, just as I was starting to get the hang of things, one of my innocent tweets (thanks to the dreaded spell-check)ended up being x-rated. I could not believe it and did my level best to delete and apologize. The buddy of mine thought it was hysterical, bless her heart, but I was shocked and mortified.
    Now I double and triple check everything...
    Thanks for asking...I think.
    Good to meet you, by the way.


  7. My first Twitter memory is that my daughter (15) thought I was being "lame" for getting an account! Now, of course, she has one. I still use mostly Blogger but all of my Blogger posts appear on Twitter so people can follow there also. I'm not a big Twitter user-I tend to not like to go to more than my email and Blogger. Too many social media just confuse me and take even more time!

  8. My first big Twitter memory was when I saw a tweet from @dbgrady that said "I really hate Hitler." It made me laugh. So I answered, "Cool! We have something in common." Then, he replied, "I just don't think we say it often enough."

    I thought the whole thing was so awesome! Then, I ended up reading his first novel RED PLANET NOIR and loving it! So, the whole thing was totally amazing. :-D

  9. Gosh thanks guys. Caren looking forward to your Twitter post, I bet it will be a good one!!

    Jimmy nice to meet you too! :) That must have been an awful feeling-good advice to double check for sure.

    I know what you mean Lolamouse-it is very different to blogging, but in a way they interface with each other very well, which is one of the parts of twitter which I like.

    Hi Debbie, now that is an unusual way to start for sure!

  10. Have actually included my favourite memory in my last blog post! http://blog.mindshare.ie/2011/07/the-apple-180-and-why-you-should-care/

  11. Will check it out clever twitter niece!

  12. Louse, you are just plain awesome; I love this post. You are so right; I have met some amazing people on Twitter. I have met a few strange ones too, but I won't go there!
    The best thing about twitter for me was following the writers, honestly; you guys are the coolest and the most interesting.


  13. My first twitter account ended up being full of poncy arseholes who are of the iPad, Irish is sexy and I'm so important generation. I deleted my twitter when I closed down my facebook and deleted my linked-in. I just feel I went too far and wanted peace & quiet.

    When I was satisfied that I felt better, I set up twitter again, and I'm being careful who I add this time. I'm not following people because I feel that I 'have' to. Hopefully I'll meet more 'real' people and make some friends this time.

  14. You're right Michell - after all is said and done it is about meeting people who are good to meet, and discarding the odd weirdo along the way.

    I know what you mean Jessica about twitter getting in the way - I think you have to use lists for a start, so if time is precious you can at least link up with those you are most familiar with. Also, u need to watch your time, see it as fun, but as the term goes all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but all play and no work gets you nowhere!

    Will see if I can find you on twitter Jessica and follow - thks for commenting!

  15. Lovely blog Louise & great to read.

    My first memory of twitter was @tnteacherTim being very kind to me & explaining to me how twitter worked. I had joined twitter yonks before, but hadn't a clue how it worked!

    I know people can be fickle on who they do or don't follow, but in the main, my own experience on twitter has been and is a very positive one.

    I love the #FF, even if it takes up a lot of time & I think it is a great example of how in my own life, each Friday or any day really, I contact those I love to tell them I love them or what it is about them I love.

    I have met a number of "friends" on twitter & I am glad to say, they are who they portray themselves to be.

    I love twitter for all the information I get & for the fun I have with folk I have & haven't met.

    Long live twitter ;)

  16. Thanks Irishminx (great name btw) - Overall, I agree with you for sure. There is definately more good than bad about twitter, and it is always good to get a helping hand at the beginning- so big thanks to @tnteacherTim!

  17. I adore Twitter. Perhaps a bit too much, actually. I spent untold hours on it for the first two months. And stopped writing all together! I've since gotten control of myself and now only allow brief forays into twitterland...as a treat for good writing behavior.
    Have made so many friends and met so many good folks...(and yes, a few odd ones). But all in all it's been lovely.

  18. That's exactly where I am at Cynthia - it takes a while to get it right - brief forays into twitterland! Perfect way to frame it!!

  19. Hey there,
    I've just dropped by to let you know I've elected you for an award. Pick it up here and have a lovely day:


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