Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Readers Day Belfast!

Really looking forward to Readers Day in Belfast this Saturday!! 

Library book clubs will be discussing LAST KISS with Q & A afterwards..better be on my toes!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Artyfacts - Kildare FM

Podcast of my interview with the fab Brenda Drumm from Artyfacts on KFM

Listen in by clicking on the image below!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Thank You!!

Firstly, thank you all for your wonderful birthday wishes - I've had an amazing weekend, and I appreciate my good fortune in having such great friends and family to share these milestones with!! Plus thanks to the person who posted another 5 stars for LAST KISS on Goodreads.....and all the other amazing reviews so far....they make going into hibernation shortly to write novel 4 a lot easier!!!   

Friday, October 24, 2014

In great company at Number 16 in Kobo Books!!

Interpol and so much more - Crime Fiction Writing at the Irish Writers Centre!

We talked control of firearms, geoforensics, Interpol, cross country co-operation, DPP, blood spatters, DNA, crime scene management, CCTV, cellphone site analysis, interview procedures, criminal gangs and a whole host of other topics as part of our current programme of CRIME FICTION WRITING at the Irish Writers Centre!

Thanks to everyone involved, including the detective who visited the writing group last night - some fantastic novels will come out of this group of sessions.

By the way, it will start all over again on the 5th February when another 10 week Crime Writing course will take place - the last course was booked up early, so contact the Irish Writers Centre at the details below, if you're interested!

Irish Writers' Centre, 19 Parnell Square, Dublin 1. Tel: +353 1 8721302 
Email: info@writerscentre.ie

Monday, October 20, 2014

In Conversation with Niamh O'Connor - Kildare Readers Festival!

It was a great afternoon on Saturday talking with fellow crime writer Niamh O'Connor about true and fictional crime, why women kill, and the challenges in the publishing industry today. Plus, it's always wonderful to get feedback from readers. Thanks to everyone involved with the Kildare Readers Festival‬ 2014, and to all those who attended - Queens of Crime Irish Style!

It's a Crime Scene!!

Looking forward to this Thursday at the Irish Writers Centre .... First detective visit to crime writing group...and we'll be talking all things crime scene!!

Friday, October 17, 2014


I'm giving a presentation about creative writing (specifically about creating fictional characters) to a group of a hundred 16-year-old schoolgirls next week.....

I thought it would take me an hour or two to put together.I mean I only had to amend some existing presentations
5 Hours later, I'm still working on it!!

Romance is in the air!!!

People often ask me if I'm tempted to switch genres! And sometimes I do wonder if the temptation would increase if I had more time??

Anyhow, I've been asked to write the opening paragraph of a Romance Novel....I'll fill you in on more details in a few weeks, but for now, wish me luck as I dip into the dangerous zone of fictional love!!

Thursday, October 16, 2014


The 'WRITE THAT NOVEL' workshop in Carousel Creates, kicked off last night, and this evening, I'm off to the Irish Writers Centre for the 'CRIME FICTION WORKSHOP'.

I haven't worked with so many writers at the one time before, (twenty four in total) but I have to say it is inspiring. Both groups are great, and I'm looking forward to my weekly visits away from the fictional world of novel number 4, which for now, fingers crossed, is bubbling away nicely!!

Booking Info for Kildare Readers Festival!!

Link to Book Queens of Crime Irish Style
& other FREE events as part of the 
Kildare Readers Festival

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Novel Fair - CLOSING DATE 24th OCTOBER 2014!!

See below short YouTube clip of what the Novel Fair is all about!!!
Click on picture to view!!

Following the great interest and success of the Novel Fair the past three years, we are happy to announce the launch of the 2015 Novel Fair.

The Novel Fair is an initiative by the Irish Writers’ Centre launched in 2011. It aims to introduce up-and-coming writers to top publishers and literary agents, giving novelists the opportunity to bypass the slush pile, pitch their ideas and place their synopsis and sample chapters directly into the hands of publishers and agents.
The 2014 Fair was attended by representatives from: Curtis Brown, Diane Banks Literary Agency, Hachette Ireland, Jonathan Williams Literary Agency, Liberties Press, Lilliput Press, Lisa Richards Agency, Marianne Gunne O’Connor Literary Agency, New Island, O’Brien Press, Penguin Ireland, Poolbeg Press, The Book Bureau and Transworld Ireland.

The Prizes
Twelve shortlisted entrants will be anonymously selected by a judging panel to take part in the Irish Writers’ Centre Novel Fair on 21 February, 2015. Each writer will have a stand at the Fair where they will present the synopsis of their novel, the finished novel itself and biographical material. Top Irish publishers and agents will be invited to the Irish Writers’ Centre to meet these writers in person. To fully prepare them for the day, the winners also receive a place on a seminar on ‘How to Pitch Your Novel’, two weeks in advance of the Fair (7 February, 2015).
This year we are extending the prize to those who make the longlist. Twenty-four applicants who are longlisted and who do not proceed to make the shortlist of twelve will have their work evaluated and critiqued by the judging panel.

Entry Details
The entry fee is €45 (€40 for members) and can be paid by PayPal, cheque, postal order, credit or debit card or cash (paid in person) at the Irish Writers’ Centre.
The closing date for entries is 24 October, 2014.
There is no limitation on style, genre, or target market, the only requirement being that the writer has not published a novel before.
To enter, you will need to send a synopsis and up to 10,000 words of a novel.
Before you submit your work, you should familiarise yourself with the Terms and Conditions overleaf. If you meet all the conditions you should send us two copies of your sample work along with three copies of a synopsis and an entry form which is available www.writerscentre.ie/novelfair. 

Best of luck!


Monday, October 13, 2014

IPG Ratings North America!

LAST KISS at Number 1 with RED RIBBONS at Number 5 and THE DOLL'S HOUSE at Number 12 in IPG Ratings North America! 

Do Women Write Better than Men??

Grammarly (grammar checker) conducted a study with 3,000+ participants to settle an existential question that has been plaguing mankind for centuries: “Which gender has the better writers?” And here are the results!!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Queens of Crime Irish Style!!

A FREE EVENT is happening on Saturday 18th OCTOBER at the Riverbank Arts Centre, as part of the  Kildare Readers Festival.
BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL….but you can book by calling the  box office at 045 448327 or online HERE

#2014 Readwomen - Red Line Festival Civic Theatre Tallaght Friday 17th October

Are literary women writers undersold and undervalued by the current literary universe?

In 2014 a small American literary journal vowed to cover women writers for a full year. Then, artist Joanna Walsh’s #readwomen2014 project became a popular meme on social media.

As part of the RED LINE festival, you can join three Hennessy award winning writers, Valerie Sirr, Geraldine Mills and Eileen Casey in this lively debate as they assess and redress male writers’ dominance in the literary world. 

The event is facilitated by local writer Sue Hassett.


Friday, October 10, 2014


NOVELICIOUS REVIEW of LAST KISS - "Gritty,shocking & satisfying...fast-paced, dark & intriguing.." 


A quarter of a million is a big number!!!

A great celebration will happen in a few weeks!! 

This blog will reach 250,000 hits...an achievement I didn't think possible a couple of years ago. 

I will be putting my thinking cap on as to ways to celebrate, but you can be sure, they will include YOU!!

Thanks to everyone who has visited - it wouldn't have been the same without you!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Book Club Meeting at Kilteel!!

A fantastic book club meeting last night, and such an interesting and questioning group of readers!! 

The couple of hours simply flew by and a great time was had. The meeting place (in the SNUG), was really atmospheric, with an open fire and lots of interesting items on the walls. I love places like this, hidden down dark country roads, only for you to finally arrive at an oasis of character and place!!

Anyhow, here is a pic from the night with everybody smiling - always a good sign!! Thank you so much for the lovely gift girls and for making the night one to remember!

It's one of my aims this year to meet more readers like this, so if you have a book club and would like to arrange something similar, send me a mail to - phillips.louisem0@gmail.com

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Book Club Meeting!!

So I'm off to a secret (I do write crime/mystery stories) location in Kildare this evening to meet with a number of book clubs to chat about LAST KISS....

I really enjoy this aspect of writing stories, so get in touch if this is something you would like to set up for your Book Club - all you have to do is email me @ phillips.louisem0@gmail.com

Nearly 4,000 Book Trailer Views on YouTube!

Nearly 4,000 book trailer views....thanks to everyone who stopped by HERE!

Write a Bestseller - Full Day Seminar Tara Towers Hotel

Write about what you know. It's advice you'll often hear when you go to write a book. But what about crime writing? How do we research without murdering someone!! A question I will be discussing as part of the following seminar:

'Write A Bestseller' at the Tara Towers Hotel this Sat 11th Oct 9.30- 4.30pm. 

Join myself and International bestseller author Marisa Mackle, as well as bestselling authors Caroline Finnerty and Caroline Grace-Cassidy for the day!

Cost is 99 euro including refreshments. (Hotel is opposite Booterstown DART station. Parking for the day costs 5 euro.)

All notes will be emailed to attendees the day after the workshop - no need to bring lap top. Just relax and enjoy the day. 


You can email me at phillips.louisem0@gmail.com

Artyfacts - Kildare FM!

Tune into Kildare FM Thursday 9th Oct at 7.30 - I'll be chatting with Brenda Drumm of Artyfacts  about LAST KISS!!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

First US Book Review....5 Stars!!!

 5 Stars!!!

“Louise Phillips is exactly the kind of writer that lovers of detective fiction will enjoy no matter where they live... She writes believable characters who say and do believable things ....and with the psycho-sexual nature of the crime, there is a certain echo of Basic Instincts about the plot, however Phillips takes it to much more interesting places.”

San Francisco Book Review


Friday, October 3, 2014

Let's Celebrate!!!

The Online FACEBOOK Party to Celebrate all 3 Novels RED RIBBONS, THE DOLL'S HOUSE and LAST KISS, being available in the US, both in kindle and paperback form, will kick off at 4 pm Irish time!! 

Visit the event, leave a comment, share something or whatever way you like to take part and you will be in the draw to win a VERY SPECIAL PRIZE... 

If you like a quiz, there will be a few of those, along with various pics and videos, but the main emphasis will be to celebrate and have a little fun!! AND ALL SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME....PLUS INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!!! 

It's a public event, so click HERE and join!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Join the Online Party!!!

If you're on Facebook and you would like to join in the fun next Friday the 3rd October at 4 p.m. Irish time....you can join HERE


I'm feeling a little emotional right now. Beginnings and endings and sometimes the bit in the middle, can do that to me!

This morning I started novel 4. I had marked the date on my calendar and so the day came, and one way or another I was going to begin. I won't give you the working title for the novel yet. It's best to keep these things and your fictional story close to you in the early stages. Fiction can be like that, it can get messed up by the real world getting hold of it too soon.

Anyhow, the journey has begun, all 1038 words of it, and at some point in the future, probably around 100,000 plus words, the first draft of this writing journey will exist. I don't know the exact form it will take, not being someone who knows the plot of their novel before they write it, but I do know it will mean something to me by the end of it, and hopefully it will be a story people will enjoy reading.

Right, off to make a cuppa.....see you on the other side!

Dundalk FM 100 - The Creative Flow!!!

I'll be chatting with the lovely Jacinta Matthews of the Creative Flow - DUNDALK FM 100 this evening at 7 p.m.

The Creative Flow picked LAST KISS as their Book of the Month for September, so I'm looking forward to hearing listener feedback and reviews and of course chatting about LAST KISS!!!

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