Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I'm feeling a little emotional right now. Beginnings and endings and sometimes the bit in the middle, can do that to me!

This morning I started novel 4. I had marked the date on my calendar and so the day came, and one way or another I was going to begin. I won't give you the working title for the novel yet. It's best to keep these things and your fictional story close to you in the early stages. Fiction can be like that, it can get messed up by the real world getting hold of it too soon.

Anyhow, the journey has begun, all 1038 words of it, and at some point in the future, probably around 100,000 plus words, the first draft of this writing journey will exist. I don't know the exact form it will take, not being someone who knows the plot of their novel before they write it, but I do know it will mean something to me by the end of it, and hopefully it will be a story people will enjoy reading.

Right, off to make a cuppa.....see you on the other side!

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