Monday, September 19, 2011

The Psychology Behind 120 Socks!

Perhaps coming close to the 1st birthday of 120Socks, it's a good time for reflection.  I never thought near on 11 months ago that this blogging lark would turn out to be so much fun.   I had no idea starting out, what direction I wanted this blog to go in, but somehow it has stumbled its way to being what it is - although the exact answer to this question has still not been fully answered. 

They say one of the things you need to succeed in any given area in life, is an ability to change, evolve, adopt new ways of looking at STUFF.  So with this in mind, it was indeed timely that fellow expert www.theboreen.com contacting me in relation to doing a study on the 'Psychology of Socks'.  Afterall, we all have them, some of us, including my son, have a lifelong quest never to wear two matching socks at the same time (a quest which could revolutionise sock manufacture/sales in the years and decades to come).  Others like myself, tend to hold onto them FOREVER, even when holes appear, or their once sky blues or pretty pinks, fade, never to be the same again. Socks are of course a must for Christmas stockings as fillers, a sock in a stocking being very appropriate, or that extra thought to go with the birthday present for 'people who are impossible to buy for' - afterall, everyone needs a sock, often needing more than one.

With all of the above in mind, it is fair and reasonable for most people to end their thinking there - but this is where the blog and twitter has expanded my horizons - so it is with great pleasure today that I hand you over to eminent Sockologist Professor Deborah Mc Menamy who operates from the www.theboreen.com , but also has set up an exciting new writing competition at www.LabelloPress.com

I will be forever grateful to Deborah for her months of research and analysis which you will find HERE 

Do you wear matching socks?
Do you wear socks?
Do you keep your socks forever?
Do your socks come out of the washing machine inside out?
Are stripes, kittens, circles your favourites?
How many do you have? 
Do you care?
Have yours like mine turned blue lately?
Do you have a drawer for socks which don't match? (I have)
Do you know where all the missing socks go?
Do you have a question which I didn't ask?
Even better, do you know any of the answers?

Please help us in our research, your answers could move the 'Understanding of Socks' to a whole new level.

(Disclaimer: Any nonsense included in this post is purely the result of precribed drugs which are currently fighting the virus attacking 120Socks.)  


  1. Congratulations on your 1st blog-birthday!
    I am a sock fiend, the more nonsensical the better--exchange them with friends too. Always on the lookout for new patterns, etc.
    Fun post--thanks!

  2. Thansk DS! The horizons of sock discoveries are infinite!

  3. happy Birthday ! ....we are about to do a mega sock cleanse ( no I do wash them ,odd ones,pairs etc) but this is to gather every sock in every corner,crevice and hiding place chuck out the baddies and the singletons,and hopefully restore order to our hippy and wild sock commune ...hoping it may rub off on the male contingent of the house ...some hope ! first socks ...then the world ! order may cometh to our house ....oops pig just flew by !!!!

  4. Ha ha kez! Will keep an eye out for pigs flying!

  5. Piles of socks but all black, so it doesn't matter if one goes missing :-) And many missing toes!

  6. Ah derek - ur like Henry Ford - you can have any colour so long as it's black!

  7. Hippy happy birthday! I'm afraid on the sock front I'm as exciting as Derek - black, black, black! Life is too short for the alternative.

  8. Not quite the birthday yet - gosh will have to work on extending your sock options - black - well is just too black!

  9. Happy almost birthday!

    I wear socks that match, socks with holes, socks are separated by color/types - works socks (black and brown) are on the left, play socks are on the right. I see them for function, not fashion. ;-)

  10. Congratulations on your approaching blog birthday! Hmmm… what do my socks say about me? Either that I often have cold feet (I like thick socks), or that I can never find any as I'm constantly borrowing hubby's!

  11. After carefully studying the research you so kindly sent to me, I am pleased to announce that I have applied for a big research grant from the Institute of Higher Sockology (including over the knee socks).
    Fingers crossed we get it. They're a tough crowd.
    Happy B-Day when it arrives and keep up the great work!

  12. Gosh thank you Krystal for such a comprehensive reply - your comment could prove crucial in establishing the fashion versus function requirments of socks.

    My advice Emma for what it is worth is - if you keep borrowing hubbies socks then make sure they are ones which you like - it is good to be both warm and happy!

    Deborah - my gratitude for opening this issue up to the world is enormous - Fingers and toes crossed:)

  13. Happy Birthday!

    I am frequently sure I put pairs of socks in the washing machine. Come hanging-out time, odd socks appear. O Sock-Guru, why is this?

  14. Ah Titus - that is shaping up to be the six million dollar Q!

  15. Happy Bloggy Birthday! My friend and I have a tradition of exchanging socks at Christmas/Hanukkah. I always give her totally outlandish socks and she always gives me totally sensible and practical socks. It's now become a joke that must continue forever.

  16. They are the best kind Lolamouse - the kinds shared by friends! Every christmas our writing group do the Kris Kindle thing with books - maybe this year we should put a sock or two in it too!

  17. Ah Louise this is a great post, hope you are feeling better. Loving the the post, it's random and fun.

  18. one of the joys of leaving Exile is the anticipation of snuggling my toes into some comforting socks ... otherwise I am perennially barefoot

    happy birthday and many more

  19. Louise,

    Congratulations on your first anniversary. As for socks, I have a sock monster that lives in my dryers and eats socks. Usually it eats just one socks from a pair, but occasionally they both go missing. I've set traps and tried to catch it but it's a wily thing and keeps evading me.

    What about you? Do you have a sock monster?

  20. Congratulations on your anniversary. I have never been able to match, completely, the 100 lack socks owned by my husband.


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