Friday, September 9, 2011

The Wonderful World of Socks

I'm back from the wilderness, and what a wild time I've had.  There are just so many things to catch up on, I'm not sure where to start, except that 'thank you' is often a pretty good place, especially when it is deserved.  

So, number one, a big thank you for visiting 120 Socks blog 6,584 times last month, and another really big thank you for visiting it 1,512 times this week, even though I've been away and therefore not blogging, which gets me to wondering whether these old socks could carry on without me! 

Secondly, I had a fab day today at the RTEguide/Penguin workshop courtesy of getting on the long list for the competition, and I was amazed to hear that 4,000 people submitted work, 500 of whom visited here to find out details about the competition! But more about that on a separate post.

Our short holiday break into the wilderness went really well, so I'll be doing a post on this over the next few days, lots of pics and stories which I hope you will enjoy.

This month's book club choice is 'Before I Go To Sleep'. I read it while I was away,(staying up until 4.30 in the morning to finish it) so dying to hear what you all think.  Reviews will be posted at the end of the month, so contact me either here or on twitter if you want your review included.

Later in the month, I will be doing an interview with the fantastic Derbhile Dromey, and reviewing her new book, 'The Pink Cage', so watch out for that!

Anyone missing the 'When you were small' series will be pleased to know that a new post will go up this Monday based on your first holidays, so get your thinking hats on!

I've also learned a couple of neat things about Twitter, which I'll share this month.

Other than the above, I hope to do a guest post with the wonderful Moloney King, give you some details on a series of library readings which I'm delighted to be part of, put up some more crazy vintage ads (cause you love to hate them!), and share details of a great photographic exhibition!

Finally, I'm nearly there in relation to getting my novel submission package completed, so I'll fill you in on all the ups, downs, in between, etc over the coming few weeks.

I've missed you all over the last few days,and I'm deffo not addicted to Twitter or Blogging, honestly, and that lunatic hanging out the hotel window trying to get a signal, it wasn't me!

So, a little late, but nevertheless important - This week's 'Thought for the Weekend' is one I noticed on a tweet from @MoloneyKing and it's from the wonderful Enda O Brien. The picture below is from the wilderness hols and there are plenty more of them to come!

"When anyone asks me about the Irish character, I say look at the trees. Maimed, stark and misshapen, but ferociously tenacious."

- Enda O Brien -


  1. Now see, it's posts like this that keep bringing everyone back here. :)

  2. And it is people like you S.K.Epperson who make blogging so worthwhile:) X

  3. I am so glad you're back. I've missed you. Was beginning to wonder if you didn't like me any more. Love the picture and the quote.

  4. Not like you! That wud never happen:)

  5. Just to add in here - wen I said, 'not like you' - I meant 'How cud anyone, especially me, not like you Krystal' and as I said, dat wud never happen! :)

  6. Ok D'oub - deffo looking forward to ur feedback!

  7. yep -tenacious, mishapen and barking mad!

  8. Well Niamh they do say in the gene pool of humans and dogs, there is very little difference!

  9. It looks great and sounds like you'll be extremely busy in the next while ;)

  10. Fabulous photo - and well done on the RTE Guide/Penguin workshop. Will see you at the library Readings!

  11. Welcome back, Louise, and excellent round-up. I look forward to all that's forthcoming.

  12. Thanks Susan, let me know which night you are reading.

    Good to hear from you Ethel-not going to make it by train, need to shift this head cold:)

  13. Hi Louise, great to meet you at the Penguin Workshop. I hope my tales of being rejected on 4 continents before finally getting published by Penguin, were encouraging. Best of luck with your writing! Sinead Moriarty

  14. Ah thanks Sinead - I really appreciate your good wishes:)

  15. You got me pegged, I love to hate those adds!

    Looking forward to your post on my blog and a big welcome back!



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