Monday, September 12, 2011

Three Men Talking About Things They Kinda Know About

Okay don't go telling me I didn't warn you!  This show is booking up fast, a couple of nights have already sold out, so go get your tickets or you'll end up missing a great gig!

Link to booking HERE

From September 19th to September 24th upstairs in The International Bar, three of Ireland’s leading male performance poets, Colm Keegan, Kalle Ryan and Stephen James Smith, will join together for a unique spoken word show about what it means to be a man.

Three different stories by three different men connected by the same human experiences of love, loss and redemption. Through poetry delivered in their own inimitable styles, all three men will take you on their deeply personal interconnected journeys about the universal truths that shape us all.

Some might say three men talking about their feelings is a big story in itself, but the fact that three of Dublin’s most well-known performance poets are joining forces for a one-off show together should make anyone with an interest in the spoken word take note. The show is directed by Sarah Brennan who brings an experienced theatrical vision and adds a clear female perspective to these poetic male stories.

The Dublin spoken word scene has grown and developed spectacularly in the past few years and it is no coincidence that Colm Keegan, Kalle Ryan and Stephen James Smith are at the heart of that movement. As organisers of Nighthawks, The Brownbread Mixtape and The Glor Sessions respectively, they form an informal collective of arts nights in the city that support and promote spoken word performance. They see this show as the next step in the evolution of that buzzing scene, as they join forces and create a new format and platform for their brand of performance poetry to be heard.

Three Men Talking About Things They Kinda Know About is part of ABSOLUT Fringe, which runs from September 10 – 25, 2011.  Book online at www.fringefest.com or call 1850 FRINGE (1850 374 643).


  1. I'd actually, really, like to go to this. Why hasn't anyone invented hovercars yet?!

  2. Titus - funny you should say that. I wanted to give a free hover car to everyone who bought a ticket but the other lads quashed the idea. Something about costs and it not being 3000ad yet. Pshaw!

  3. If my old friend Murphy's still in Dublin before he returns to Canada via London he'd like this-I'll try and let him know-the International Bar..as our old Headmaster, at the school where we both taught, used to say in Nigeria-'And so it goes on...'


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