Sunday, September 25, 2011

Savage Chicken & The Fall of 120 Socks!

Now I made a promise a little while back, and I am someone who usually keeps their promises.  The promise was that I would post a Savage Chicken cartoon on the 23rd of each month.  Sadly the 23rd came and went, and no such post materialised - the reason why not you might ask?  Well I'll tell you!  But before I do, I'll just slot in this classic Savage Chicken to get the juices going so to speak.

Okay, I'll make this short and sweet as 120 Socks is not feeling the best right now.  You all know, or rather those of you who follow this blog on a regular basis know, that for the last three weeks these socks have been a little under the weather, and may I add your support through this time of unwellness has been much appreciated!

Anyhow, near the end of last week, I thought the second antibiotic was doing its job, I wasn't fully better, but I had left the bedroom and started to pick up stuff, you know what I mean, twenty ton of dog hair from lack of hovering, dirty dishes, mainly glasses spread around the house, mail which no one else opened because they were only bills, the usual stuff.  So on Thursday when my daughter started to feel sick, an appointment for the GP was made instantaneously, because that is how it is done when it comes to your offspring.  Friday morning we drove to the GP, and her tummy was unwell as she is not a good traveller, so you get the picture.  On arrival I let the receptionist know we'd arrived, and that my daughter might need a utensil, after which we were ushered with said utensil into the nurses station off the main waiting area.

Pretty quick the doctor came in to see her, and I should have registered that something was not quite right when one side of my brain was asking the other side of my brain, was this woman the doctor, or just some random female who wanted to join us in the area!  So there I was filling the GP in on my daughters symptoms, you know usual Mother stuff, when my head went all woozy - first thought - sort yourself out Louise, you are not the sick one.  Just as I'm giving myself this lecture, both right and left sides of my brain decided to take over, and 120 Socks collapsed on the floor.  First thought when I came to - this is stupid, I shouldn't be on the floor, which is a logical enough thought, but also rather stupid, as there had to be a reason for me being down there.

Okay, imagine the scene, near vomiting daughter, collapsed Mother, GP doing blood pressure tests, taking bloods for labs while ringing out to the main surgery, doing notes on PC of both Mother and daughter, asking daughter does your Mother have any health issues - to which the reply came 'none that I know of'.

Apparently, twenty minutes after fainting, you should return to normal, but 20 minutes after fainting, and now lying on the bed in the surgery, even though I wanted to say I was normal, or as near to normal as I can ever hope to be, I couldn't say it - the head was still dodgy, the knees were like jelly, and I hadn't got a good feeling about the whole thing.  At this point daughter is giving Mr Socks a running commentary from her mobile phone, as she is doubled in two, and not with laughter.  GP mentioned the word 'ambulance' and I immediately told her to tell her Dad to hurry the hell up.  Well I didn't use the word 'hell', because the doctor was there, but there was something in the tone that seemed to make its way down the phone line because my hero soon arrived.

Long story short, my viral infection had led to a chest infection, which had led to the lowering of my oxygen levels, so I had developed an inclination to collapse on floors.  36 hours in hospital, and an injection to thin out my blood so the oxygen could flow a little easier, and I was sent home on the strict instruction to have complete rest for a week, and yes you guessed it, more anti-biotics.

All in all we were really lucky, because it could have happened at any time, like when we were driving home for example - so pretty cool that I happened to manage it with a full medical team on hand.

So please forgive me for not posting Savage Chicken on the 23rd, as I was otherwise engaged! Now this longer than anticipated short post has worn me out, back to my position in front of the telly, while my hero puts on the dinner:)


  1. Well, your way with words certainly hasn't escaped you, Louise, even if the rest of your faculties have given up the ghost! Get well soon, and get back on Twitter. You're sorely missed :-)

  2. You poor sausage hope your feeling better and your family are running around after you , also hoping your daughters tummy is better ...get well soon lots of love ....Kez x

  3. Crikey. How dramatic. Take it easy now

  4. Oh Louise, that's some sceal girl.
    You were in the right place at the right time.
    How is your daughter now?
    Get well soon.
    And well done Mr Hero Socks :)

  5. Yikes!! At least you were already at the doctors… Hope you are both feeling lots better now!

  6. Wowsers! Here's to a full-blown, speedy, handy-dandy recovery. STAT!

  7. Oh my! I do admire your fabulous timing! Hope you and daughter are both better soon. And brownie points to husband for taking over. Mine probably would've said, "Well, take it easy. Don't make anything too complicated for dinner."

  8. bloody hell Louise how awful for you and your family. still as you say if your going to collapse a doctors is the place to do it. take it easy, you obviously had one hell of a viral infection.
    hope your daughter is recovering.
    get well soon (the both of you)

  9. First, I love the hypochondriac comic. Second, YOU HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. You don't get better after a week, you need to see a specialist--or something.

    Glad you're okay and thank God for Heroes! :-)

    I've missed you.

  10. Hope you are both feeling better very soon! Those unexpected ones can be rather complicated.

    My ex-SIL had gone with me for a routine check up for me. While sitting in the waiting area, she suddenly felt light headed and collapsed much like your scene. Hers ended up being a mild heart attack at age 33. We ribbed her for quite a while about how perfect her timing had been, medical team on stand-by and all. smiles. Glad yours was not quite as complicated as hers, though you will want to get all the needed rest, I'm sure.

  11. Get well soon Louise. Great to see your sense of humour still shining through..

  12. Holy heck Louise!! What an ordeal! I'm glad you were in the presence of good medical care and all is on the mend! So nice to hear that your hero is taking good care of you!

    All the best for a speedy recovery!

  13. Bloody hell ! Same king of thing happened to me once. Felt an explosion in my stomach & keeled over banging my head off the fireplace at home. Fortunately, my then teenage son was there & he called an ambulance which brought me to my nearest A&E at St.Vincent's Hospital, which was in major trolley/bed shortage crisis at the time. But not for me. I was given a trolley, a drip, and seen immediately for x-rays etc.

    Upshot was they couldn't figure out what had happened, so they shoved me upstairs and into a bed. A bed! In a ward! I was convinced my next stop would be the morgue.

    As it turned out I'd had a ruptured ovarian cyst and was pumped full of antibiotics before being sent home.

    Anyway, the reason I'm telling you all this is because I was allowed home on condition that I rest. I did not. Mothers rarely do. Inevitably, I became run down and then had no choice but to do nothing for weeks.

    So ... Socks .... rest! Act like a Queen! And get better sooner, not later.


  14. You see-husbands have got their uses!

  15. thats terrible Louise, but like you said, you couldnt have fainted in a better place (some consolation!) take care of yourself, stay warm and snug:)

  16. At least you were in the right place, I hope you rest up, let your family help. The house does not have to be super clean and some dinners can be take-away, just make sure you rest.

    Feel better soon.


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