Thursday, February 6, 2020

Small Paperback Cover of THE HIDING GAME revealed!!!

I absolutely adore the new cover of THE HIDING GAME small paperback which is due out in May! I hope you like it too!! 


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  2. This is a novel about grief and loss. Like such a large number of good crime writers, Phillips cares passionately about the path harm in childhood shapes and influences the individuals we grow up to become. This is a cracking crime novel from a writer who is at the top of her game. Highly suggested.

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  4. In the storey below, he offers fantastic spells for the squid game, so if you haven't seen all nine episodes yet, come back and read on after you've finished. You don't want to be spoiled for some storyline challenges, so keep that in mind.i am doing work and after free time to playing this game i am a professioanl designer at Logo Design Company in uk, i love this type creative designs games

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