Monday, February 21, 2011

Poetry Bus - And we're off.........

Yes the L-plates are on the Poetry Bus and all passengers are welcome!

First brave passenger to climb on board this week is Jeanne, who delights us with a memory we can all relate to. 
 Plenty of pain, poetry and empty pockets.

2nd passenger who never comes second in her wonderful poetry is Kat, and I dare anyone not to be moved by this.  You can also view the poem HERE  where you get a chance to check out Kat's other brilliant blog http://acadianeire.wordpress.com/ 

The engine is acting up this morning so 120 socks is currently using a 2000 year old laptop to keep the bus going, apologies for any temporary technical difficulties!  Next up on the bus is Dave, with a wonderful poem that introduces us to someone special.

I am still trying to fix the engine but taking passengers all the same, next to take a seat on this rather dodgy bus ride is Lydia who is in powerful flight.  Yes this dodgy bus can drive and fly!

Yikes watch out, I'm driving and trying to be a passenger at the same time, just as well I can multi task!  120Socks

The Bug does 'MEAN', but is far too wonderful to ever really be anything but the opposite.  However if you want to read a fantastic poem about someone who can do mean, check it out here at Bug's Eye View.

Looks like I'm not the only one Caught in Amber this week as  Jinksy has created a very interesting and thought provoking Tanka!

Sometimes even I am left speechless.  If you want to know 'a woman who....' you better speed over and visit Mrs Proper at Various. (Warning your life might never be the same afterwards!) 

For a fabulous image and an equally fabulous take on one of this week's prompts visit Helen's Amber Eyes on the Bus.

'Have genes will travel' knew a man and a woman and ultimately parts of herself on the journey.  Read this splendid poem here at Nanu

It is just as well we are a moving bus because many of the poems this week are particularly moving, including this one by Peter at The Stammering Poet who shows us that sadness can move us to madness.

The Bus is certainly taking many different directions this week, and the fab TFE takes us on one that many of us question along the way.

The story of Germany’s appropriation of Catherine the Great’s Amber Room during Operation Barbarossa is explored in Dr FTSE's perceptive take on the prompt 'Amber', plus links to historical details regarding 'The Amber Room'.

Ah all the clever bus passengers are climbing on board now as 'Medium' another take on the Amber theme by Titus takes us back 1600 years!  Plus you get 2 for the price of 1, as 'Frozen' a poem based on last week's great prompts by The Bug is also available for your perusal! 

Another great poem from Dave at Pics & Poems - well worth visiting.

Using the prompt 'I knew a woman who....' Izzy reminds us of the wonderful people we meet along the way, it did my heart good anyway, so have a read.

Yay, we have another passenger on the bus and someone who many of you most probably missed for the last little while.  If you want to read a poem that cooks up a storm and a killer opening line to boot then visit Padhraig and you won't be disappointed.

A poem that paves the way for Lady Chatterley 'Forever Amber Forever' by Lucy is one not to be missed! 

Did you ever find yourself in Waffle House at the corner of Daddle and Late? Well it's a pretty good place to be and I am fond of it myself.  It is also where you will find Muse Swings with a great bunch of 'Forget- me-Nots'

The bus is not yet full, CAD is now on board, with thoughts on insect instincts and a whole lot more besides.

A note to all late or would-be late passengers, remember the old saying, 'the best is yet to come!', and just to add some inspiration from the wonderful poet John Keats to our little poetry bus, we have 'On the birthday of John Keats' with Karen.  

I sense a race to see who actually will be last!  But the all powerful, competitive, and this week entombing her burnished love
 Domestic Oubliette is fighting it out with the drunk at the back!

There are lots of seats on the bus, but it is leaving shortly! View the prompts here.

Leave a comment and I'll link up with you.


  1. I made it Socks - just for you! (And even better, it's not merely a haiku.)



  2. Thanks Kat and a really wonderful passenger poem it is too!

  3. Well, I thought I had caught the bus, but it seems there was something wrong with the ticket! It was for another destination. I shall have to stop trusting to my fast-declining memory! Me being me, I've not got off, but hitched a ride anyway. I have posted the result. Much thanks - and humble apologies.

  4. Dave looks like this morning is the morning for things going wrong, my laptop has locked me out, so I am using a machine that takes 2 hours to follow a command but hopefully we'll get there in the end.

  5. Socks, I've double-posted this week. You can find my poem here as well and a link back to you again too.


  6. Cool Kat. I'm still operating with the 2000 year old computer here until the other one gets fixed, so I hope all connections work okay!

  7. Here I am! http://danabugseyeview.blogspot.com/2011/02/poetry-bus-gets-mean.html

  8. I'm on board:
    Great prompt, Socks!

  9. Bonjour, Mademoiselle Cent-vingt chaussettes. Je suis ici, mon billet a la main - http://stammeringpoet.blogspot.com/2011/02/on-poetry-bus-with-socks.html

  10. I'm on! I'm on!

  11. Thanks for the plug. I don't know what I did with my post this morning, but I've put it right now - I hope!... unless it's them pesky gremlins at it again!

  12. I had my poem ready early but thought it ought to go up this morning.So I guess I am running to catch the bus here: http://izzy-conversing.blogspot.com/2011/02/poetry-bus-22111.html

  13. Yo, socks - over here : http://bit.ly/gQVVGI

  14. Webmaster . . . what happened to yesterday's "Amber" prompt? And why IGName don't you get a Mr. Linky Gadget so your passenegers can navigate round the posts easily?

  15. Sorry Doc, moved the post with the original prompts up to the main blog page by adjusting the date, as for a Mr Linky Gadget, I will investigate - but I am on my Learner Licence!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I hope I'm not too late for this week's Bus Ride. I based a poem on your "Amber" prompt HERE
    (Sorry . . in previous comment I forgot to enter the link!)

  18. There is a late ticket of mine waiting to be clipped! HERE


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