Sunday, February 6, 2011

Poetry Bus Poem - Connections 2

This week's poetry prompt came from the fab TFE, and it was to write about an image from the Photograph Prose Website.  Other bus riders will be found on the TFE site @ http://totalfeckineejit.blogspot.com/

Cheated a little bit this week, as when I checked out the photoprose images, I seen the image of a young baby and it sort of reminded me of the poem I did a couple of weeks back.  Anyhow, I had to change the poem a little, so here is the new version. 


You are all grown up now,
but I still remember you small,
squashed up little person,
tiny hands that gripped my fingers,
trusting eyes that never questioned.

A bond that followed from the womb,
 ran through each part of me,
and like a lioness protecting her own,
 I breathed you in, kept you close.

We go back to a time before language,
our ancient bond that never faltered,
as I watch and keep you safe,
until the end of time.


  1. Yes, I remember it, and this version just as fresh and moving. Wonderful photograph too, and the two married perfectly.

  2. Thanks Titus, less of the wet nappies this time!

  3. Lovely poem, Socks!
    Ps. We are not allowed to use the photos..Ooops!

  4. This is a great poem - I'm not a mother, but you made me see what that might feel like.

  5. Thanks The Bug! And TFE,no worries, I didnt use their photo on the blog! We are safe for now!

  6. This is lovely. "Small, squashed up little person" did it for me.

  7. Thanks Kat, I actually prefer this second version.

  8. A fabs. verse.. reminded me of my childhood days when my mother just understood my cry for what I want.. but today we are unable to reap back the same understanding.. :)


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