Monday, April 11, 2011

Poetry Bus Poem - Crooked Line

This week the wonderful Bug came to the rescue of a near driver-less bus, and did so with the great prompt of starting a poem with the words 'I am a crooked line'

I wish I could say that I wrote an equally great poem, but I'm afraid that is not the case, but I did write something, albeit in a rush this morning, sorry Bug.

For some wonderful bus rides from this great prompt, visit HERE

Crooked Line
I am a crooked line,
that splits and divides,
like veins that throb of an unknown kind.
There are times I am angry, afraid, or less sure,
and times I feel happy, brave and self-assured.
The way I can laugh like nothing else counts,
or cry so hard my heart just might bounce.
When I thought things would be straight,
they never could be,
because life has a habit of tricking you see.
Right from the start of that very first line,
there are twists and turns of an unknown kind.
You need to travel the path neither afraid nor confused.
It’s all about being crooked,
both happy and sad,
and running the line,
from beginning to end,
by grabbing on tight for the ride of your life,
as the crooked line’s truth,
is found in the fight.


  1. Oh yeah! Split like a hair, truth- come together ultimately to be bold. Well sometimes a fight does get at the truth- I would rather fight than cry. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Izzy, but I guess I didn't mean fight in any aggressive way, just to be up for life as much as you can.

  3. nice. yeah that is life with all its twists and turns and sometimes just holding on is the best you can do...

  4. Is the repetition of an unknown kind deliberate? I hope you will return to this because it has great potential.

  5. It was, which makes me think it has more to travel alright.

  6. Your poem resonated in all the right ways ... a manual for navigating life - in poem form.

  7. I like that last line - because it's true that you have to be ENGAGED in life in order to find the truth of it. I guess if you're not engaged then you don't really care do you?

  8. Cool poem and the line length variations really add to the meaning,

  9. very nice! hold on and try to enjoy the ride!


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