Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Blog World of Socks

Some of you might have picked up the post last week about how the Blog World of 120 Socks was celebrating being 6 months old.  Well if you did, you know all about my mini plan to achieve 60 followers by the half-year point, the aspiration being that by the Blog's 1st birthday, there would be 120 socks/followers.
As Blogland has its own magic, my dream was realised and by the end of last week I had 60 socks/followers (now at 65!)

I was also secretly on the lookout to reach 10,000 hints by last week.  Yes, I know I am a very, very, very sad person.  

Again my wish became a reality, and I can now confirm that the award below for the 10,000th hit in the world of 120 socks, goes to Dave at Pics & Poems

If you haven't visited Dave before, my advice is to do so immediately, as you will be wowed by his poetry.

10,000th Hit Award
Pics & Poems

The above award was designed by the fabulous Alias Jinksy, who you can visit HERE and is far more creative than 120 socks will ever be!


  1. It seems that when you stop counting these things they build on their own. Similar to the watched pot that never boils. I did notice the other day that my blog made the 50,000 hits mark and I was pleasantly surprised. :)

    I agree with what you wrote about Dave's poems.

  2. How does one count? I'm always impressed that people know these things.

    Also impressed by Dave. He's great.

  3. Well done and I think the award went to the very right person also!!

  4. Well done! Will check out that link.

  5. Hi Titus, only sad people know these things, and I agree with both yourself and Gerry Snape regarding Dave and his wonderful poetry. Check out the site Words A Day, as I said well worth a visit!


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