Thursday, February 25, 2016

Designing A Killer Book Cover!!!

Coming up with the right cover design for a book takes more than time, talent, patience and skill, it takes everyone involved having a clear vision for the story behind the cover.
Four books in, I realise more than ever, that getting the right cover for your book is critical.......READ FULL ARTICLE on www.writing.ie HERE

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Dagger in the Library 2016!

If you would like to give me a vote in the CWA Dagger in the Library Award...there are only 3 DAYS left...

You can vote HERE


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Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Writing Soul....

Sometimes a writer gets a message like this one, and your writing soul takes a little leap....

Dear Louise,

I am compelled to write a note of gratitude. I have just finished reading all your works, Red Ribbons, just before Christmas, The Dolls House, between Christmas and the New Year, Last Kiss, earlier this month and finally tonight, The Game Changer, a gift from my husband for Christmas.

I thoroughly enjoyed every single page and feel like a fish out of water now I don't have any more of your books to read! Please do hurry and release another book. It was an absolute pleasure reading your work and I look forward to see what you bring us readers next. 

I'm a big fan of Karin Slaughter, Chris Carter, Thomas Harris and now your good self.  The best of luck with your next project. Every best wish and kindest regards from a very entertained and happy reader.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

March is a busy month for Irish Crime Fiction....

Well March is another busy month for Irish Crime Fiction, and here are some of the publications due out soon….

A SAVAGE HUNGER by Claire McGowan
The fourth in the crime series featuring forensic psychologist Paula Maguire by Claire McGowan acclaimed as ‘Ireland’s answer to Ruth Rendell’ by Ken Bruen.
Alice Morgan’s disappearance raises immediate questions for forensic psychologist Paula Maguire. Alice, the daughter of a life peer in the Home Office, has vanished along with a holy relic – the bones of a saint – and the only trace is the bloodstains on the altar.
With no body to confirm death, the pressure in this high-profile case is all-consuming, and Paula knows that she will have to put her own life, including her imminent marriage, on hold, if they are to find the truth. A connection to a decades-old murder immediately indicates that all may not be as it seems; as the summer heat rises and tempers fray, can Alice be found or will they learn that those that are hungry for vengeance may be the most savage of all?


PENANCE by Kate O’Riordan
The lives of Rosalie Douglas and her teenage daughter, Maddie, are changed forever when they meet Jed, a beautiful, charismatic young man at Bereavement Counselling. Inexplicably and self-destructively, Maddie holds herself accountable for her brother’s drowning accident in Thailand. Jed moves into their lives and their home. Calming the tensions between mother and daughter. He understands the twisted wilderness of grief. Lover and confidante to a besotted Maddie, gentle surrogate son to a grateful Rosalie – on the surface their lives are transformed. But underneath a deadly and morally corrupt triangle is taking shape…Rosalie commits an unspeakable act which forces her to unravel the truth behind the beautiful stranger in their midst. The truth behind the death of her son. And the true extent of just how far she’s prepared to go – to save what remains of her family.

What she never told me

What do you do when you find out that your whole life could be a lie?
What She Never Told Me pulls you in from the first page in its exploration of love and identity, and the complicated bonds that tie families together. An absorbing read (Karen Perry, bestselling author of The Boy That Never Was)
McQuaile displays great empathy for her characters in this tale of an Ireland where the past can never be left behind (Sinéad Crowley, author of Can Anybody Help Me?

SIREN by Annemarie Neary
Róisín Burns has spent the past twenty years becoming someone else; her life in New York is built on lies. A figure from her Belfast childhood flashes up on the news: Brian Lonergan has also reinvented himself. He is now a rising politician in a sharp suit. But scandal is brewing in Ireland and Róisín knows the truth. Armed with the evidence that could ruin Lonergan, she travels back across the Atlantic to the remote Lamb Island to hunt him down. But Lonergan is one step ahead; when Róisín arrives on the island, someone else is waiting for her…

SISTERS AND LIES by Bernice Barrington
One hot August night, Rachel Darcy gets the call everyone fears. It’s the police. Her younger sister Evie’s had a car crash, she’s in a coma. Can Rachel fly to London right away?With Evie injured and comatose, Rachel is left to pick up the pieces of her sister’s life. But it’s hard fitting them together, especially when she really doesn’t like what she sees.Why was Evie driving when she doesn’t even own a licence? Who is the man living in her flat and claiming Evie is his girlfriend? How come she has never heard of him?The more mysteries Rachel uncovers the more she starts asking herself how well she ever really knew her sister. And then she begins to wonder if the crash was really the accident everybody says it is. Back in hospital, Evie, trapped inside an unresponsive body, is desperately trying to wake up. Because she’s got an urgent message for Rachel – a warning which could just save both their lives . . 

PIMP by Ken Bruen & Jason Starr
Ruined and on the lam, former drug kingpin Max Fisher stumbles upon the
biggest discovery of his crooked life: a designer drug called PIMP that could put him back on top. Meanwhile, a certain femme fatale from his past is pursuing a comeback dream of her own, setting herself up in Hollywood as producer of a series based on her and Max’s life story. But even in La-La Land, happy endings are hard to come by, especially with both the cops and your enemies in the drug trade coming after you…

Friday, February 12, 2016


I can't tell you how EXCITED I am to reveal the US cover of RED RIBBONS.....

A huge THANK YOU to POLIS BOOKS and specifically JASON PINTER for creating something very special.....

This is what dreams are made of.....(I hope you all like it!)

Monday, February 8, 2016

Keep a lookout.......

The mass paperback edition of THE GAME CHANGER (smaller paperback) will be available from the 3rd March....

Here's a sneak preview of the new cover version....

Once it's in the shops, there will be a giveaway competition (details to follow).

Keep a lookout, and all pics welcome....

Fully Booked!!

Thanks to everyone who enrolled for the next Crime Fiction Course at the Irish Writers Centre!

It is now FULLY BOOKED....but I'm looking forward to a great 10 weeks ahead!!! HERE

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Watch This Space.....

I got a sneak preview of the US Cover proposals for RED RIBBONS and they look AMAZING.....Will share as soon as I can....#watchthisspace

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