Saturday, January 8, 2011

Poetry Bus Poem - Whisperings

This week's great poetry bus prompts came from 'Emerging Writer' @ http://emergingwriter.blogspot.com/ , and they were certainly varied and interesting.

I got tempted by the first prompt which was based on the revenge of the critic, and being one for leaning to the dark and depressing side of things at times, I got swallowed up by the idea of this little gem.

Hopefully I moved to the light and the positive nearer the end, which is a much more rewarding state of mind!!! 


Have you heard the whisperings?
The doubts and uncertainties that seep and soak,
visiting at unexpected hours,
like in the dead of night,
or just before you take a chance,

Having a language all their own,
one that charms your ear, in silence and in noise,
leaning to the dark, clawing at belief,
with a subtlety of self,
that fools the pupil it knows best.

A sombre thought indeed, that our biggest critic hides within us all,
who consumes with glee and skill of viciousness,
turning us into mere shadows of ourselves,
by its slash of minor beliefs, or pride,
enthusiastic wonders that bring a smile,

Hinting one might achieve,
a small or soft or great,
or even gentle murmuring,
that would gather in arms of strength,
harnessing against the dark whisperings of self.

For revenge of this critic is perhaps the sweetest of them all,
for in it lies the secret of success,
think hard how foolish he or she might seem,
if you were not taken by their spell of doubt,
but rather silenced,

The one most feared,
who knows us far too well and yet not at all.
This knowledge means their game is up,
for when you listen to their whisperings,
you must turn, and make them listen back.


  1. "For revenge of this critic is perhaps the sweetest of all,
    for in it lies the secret of success"

    You have hit the nail on the head, Socks!
    Very nicely done.


  2. Thanks Kat, but I should not be up at half one in the morning writing poems! It just fuels the madness!!

  3. Fantastic take on the prompt Socks and so true!

    Love the idea of shutting that inner critic up even once in a while.

  4. Yeap, thinking of keeping notes, so I am better prepared next time!

  5. You capture the awful autonomy of the inner critic very well here - its apparent independent existence within; its implacability, even when we can identify it as an element of self.

  6. You certainly gave voice to that inner critic residing, unhealthy and ready to pounce, deep inside me. Nicely done!!!

  7. Thanks Dick & Helen. I guess we all know that inner voice too well!

  8. Great poem, loved this:

    "who knows us far too well and yet not at all"

    That's how I can challenge the beast inside.

  9. Cool nuts4fruit! Great blog name!!

  10. I like Dick's phrase - the awful autonomy of the inner critic.' It does have a life of it's own, and you've caught it perfectly.

  11. I think that you have shone a light here on,
    "the dark whisperings of self"
    I have found another great sight, thanks poetry bus!
    and thank you socks!

  12. The inner critic-! Great piece- so true.
    and if we ask: Where do you come from ? and then can trace it to the source; mostly I
    can silence it...because fear (and doubt)often
    are blasts from my parents past- Not always, but often...Thanks.

  13. Thanks Kipling and yeap izzy the old parents, what can you do. It can sometimes go back to them telling you to be careful, not adventurous!

  14. Dear 120 Socks,
    That internal critic will kill us all. Thanks for the reminder!
    Ann T.

  15. Sure thing Ann T. I had a look at your blog, some very unusual material there. Might revert if I'm looking to do some novel research.

  16. Wow, wow, wow. In fact, have another wow on me.

  17. Thanks Titus, from you that is a wow compliment!

  18. It's good, it's all good, but that first stanza is fandabuloski!


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