Monday, January 31, 2011

Walking/Photo Journal - The Naming of Piperstown

Piperstown Bridge

Folklore has it that Piperstown was originally part of a larger district called Montpelier, and that about 600 years ago, a famous Irish Piper named Cornon came to live here.  On summer evenings, Cornan would sit and play his pipes on the large granite stone (which is visible in the top right of this picture) for the local dances.  Hence The Pipers Stone.  Cornan was very popular and he lived in a small village on the lower side of the road.  As time went on, people often referred to this village as Piperstown, and Piperstown it still is.
The Piper's Stone


  1. Fabulous. I love these old stories associated with places and/or local characters.

  2. Thanks Dave. I did a lot of research into local history during the restoration of the old cottage, so I guess the blog is a good place for them to find some sort of home!

  3. awesome remarks...

    places always carry history and fantasy and more...


    join our community if you wish..happy Tuesday.

  4. Hi Louise,

    Just a question as you appear to know a bit about Piperstown. I did the Dublin mountains way walk a few months back and passed piperstown coming up the hill from Glenasmole. Half way up the hill on the right there was this very unusual structure, I found a pic of it online here http://wicklowcountywalks.com/images2/DMW/DMW9/HD/DSCN7315.JPG It has carvings of pre euro coins and looks almost like a treehouse. Any what the story is behind it? Thanks

    1. Hi David

      I could be wrong, but I think it belongs to a guy called Tom Mulligan (a local). He used to live there, but I understand he is now living nearer the local school in a mobile home. There may be a lot more story, but thats all I can tell you:) Certainly interesting! I can understand why it fueled your imagination.

    2. Thanks for the info Louise


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