Thursday, January 20, 2011

Book Club - In the Skin of a Lion by Michael Ondaatje

This month's 'In the Skin of a Lion' by Michael Ondaatje is the latest book to fall victim for review.  Reviews will hopefully be posted next week.

In 1920 Patrick Lewis arrives in the bustling city of Toronto, leaving behind his Canadian wilderness home.  He immerses himself in the lives of the people who surround him, learning, from their stories, the history of the city itself.  And he had his own adventures: searching for a missing millionaire, tunnelling beneath Lake Ontario, falling in love.

In the Skin of a Lion is Michael Ondaatje's predecessor to his Booker Prize-winning, The English Patient.  It is in it that we encounter for the first time, Hana the orphaned girl and Caravaggio the thief, among a large cast of characters. 

'Ondaatje writes in curves, in time-lapses, a sort of verbal cinema whose narrative is unfaltering' The Times

If you have read this book and want to say a few words on it, please post a comment. Thanks


  1. I really like Ondaatje's books—I own this, but haven't read it yet (packed away right now).

    One of my favourite books is "Anil's Ghost".

    I'll have to bump this one up the list now!


  2. Wait till you read the review Kat!! It might get bumped off the list!!

  3. I started it a number of years ago, Niamh, and to be honest, it didn't grab me at the time, but that was before I read, "Anil's Ghost".

    Have you read the book in question, yourself?


  4. Hi Kat,I think she has read it alright!


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