Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Walking/Photo Journal - Early Morning Frost Piperstown

Early morning frost Piperstown.  Who can control the impulse to write at times?

Frost Piperstown

Early morning frost underfoot,
you can smell the land,
ground twists of turf and moss-coated rock,
pulsating from this jagged place.
Like a seasoned seductress,
leisurely undressing by the light of day,
and always the bird song,
falling like drops of rain.


  1. Wow, Socks! This rocks!

    I love that "seasoned seductress" line. You should do more of this natural world exploration in poetry; this is really good.


  2. I love the way the poem travels from earthy heavy underfoot to light - the last two line in particular are wonderful -
    and always the bird song,
    falling like drops of rain.

  3. Oh, I like this socks :)

    And great minds think alike, I was taking pics of the beautiful frost too - unfortunately, I didn't notice the car a short distance away ( winter sun had me slightly blinded), only spotted the car after taking the pic - so it looked like i was crazed stalker or private detective taking pics of strangers cars... morto.

  4. Now that goes beyond good. That's fantastic. What I wouldn't give to take a photograph like that!
    The poem is good, but again, the last two lines rise up above mere good. Super post.


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