Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Walking/Photo Journal - Housebound!

It's a soggy wet day in the old mountains, too dull and miserable to walk, plus the car is sick and the man in the garage isn't feeling hopeful I'll get it back today either, so housebound it is!

  (Coffee was good, next time I'll leave the plastic milk bottle and ugly butter carton out of it!)

Wet January Day


  1. Love your kitchen! I have a cafetiere like that too - is it a Bodum?
    Your margarine tubs are much prettier than ours.

    Lovely second photo - very Sherlock Holmes on the hunt for me.

  2. Thanks on the kitchen front, and yeap Sherlock Holmes does come to mind, but this place reminds me more of Wuthering Heights especially with the wild gales at times!

  3. No dont take out the plastic cartons and bottles! They make me feel more at home! (Love your stove!)

  4. I just love life how it is! Great shots. Second one could be right where I am, seven months of the year.

  5. Indeed Niamh, for the most part, if you get the plastic milk bottle, you are considered a friend, all the rest are just visitors!

    Yeah I know Titus, last year I think we had 7 months of snow, but extremes in the weather is what real outdoor living is all about, even if I did chicken today and stay warm and dry with some coffee!


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