Friday, January 21, 2011

Walking/Photo Journal - Icicles Mountain Stream

I love the look and sound of water, there is something tremendously energising about it.
  But it was a cold walk this morning, as the icicles below on this mountain stream can testify.


  1. lovely photos, especially the second one. It must be wonderful to live near such a beautiful place. Admire your energy, getting out for walks in this brutal cold!

  2. Thanks Niamh, and yes it is a wonderful place, even the wild nights with a breeze that would be at home in Wuthering Heights it is great, once of course you are curled up listening to the gale across the valley and not being blown away with it!

  3. What a wondefully fresh post. I can feel the air, the ice, and smell the water. I love blogs that take me on a journey, especially with such a simple post! :D

  4. Thanks Jules & Dave, planning on posting a image from each days walking, so keep watching!


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