Thursday, February 3, 2011

Photograph Prose Submission - Lost Innocence

Like TFE I seen the weblink (http://www.photographprose.com/) for this exciting idea through the Woman Rule Writer blog.  Anyhow, I was delighted when they accepted my poem  'Lost Innocence' and combined it with an image by Mario Jean, (see link to his website  http://www.madocphoto.com/You can critique this poem and other prose submissions on their site, leave a comment or cast a vote!

To see the image that inspired the poem just log on to their site http://photographprose.com/phopro/

Lost Innocence
I see my childhood caught in stone,
the aged-child within my bone.
Her eyes, I see them in black mass,
tinged pupils fleeting  from the past.
I see her sometimes on the street,
or late at night when I do sleep.
That day we all went to the park,
swings and noise and air that swept you up real high,
escaping worlds into the sky.
I didn’t know not even then,
that life would not be that again.
A story told, that always stayed,
of loss that never could replace,
the little girl that I had known.
The eyes, I see them in black mass,
the ones that say, they can’t go back,
to five years old, changed in a day,
to stone, clay innocence,
that flew away.


  1. Thats lovely,and so sad, again liking the comma usage! And the shape is wonderful. Thanks for the link and well done!

  2. ps checked your poem on the site...i love the photo, so eerie!

  3. Yeah photo is great I think. Were you able to post a comment on the site?

  4. Very evocative. Stones, like our bones. Nice one, Socks!

  5. very creative ... would take time to browse through your blog in detail :)I am glad i have come here.


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