Sunday, February 27, 2011

Poetry Bus Poem - Ballroom

The Poetry Bus is being driven by TFE this week, the challenge was to write a 14 line poem based on some very interesting photographic prompts and an audio prompt from Van Morrison.  I chose the photo above. 

Excitement in her eyes,
fake pink rose on ample chest,
you look divine,’ she’d whispered when we met,
low lights, drink filled tables,
a dance floor throbs with love and lust combined,
desire veiled by  smoke, old spice and cheap cologne,
girls swoon parading in their satin dress,
pleasing my eye,
men sense the thrill of lovely flesh,
seated, she taps her feet,
touches my knee,
a hint of what’s to come,
part of the  game,
I love to play.

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  1. Very nice - nice evocation of the hum and bustle of yesteryear's courting rituals.

  2. Excellently captured excitement and atmosphere

  3. Thanks Padhaig & Niamh. Just finished a John McGahern novel, which was full of yester year's courting rituals, I think some of it rubbed off a bit.

  4. Lovely , Socks! Laden with bags of atmosphere and woozy anticipatory hedonism.Captures the ambience of the photograph perfectly. Fashionable (at the time)Smoke, satin and perfume, I like the use of the (almost obselete ?) word 'Divine' which really nails it.Cooolla!

  5. Delightful evocation of the old ballrooms of romance. I could almost be there.

  6. This captures the essence of the photo ~ beautifully! Way back in the 50's I could have been her.

  7. Takes me back to my dancing days! LOL

  8. OBSOLETE! I do know how to spell it, honestly!

  9. Very sexy, actually. We need more satin

  10. Why I got a tingle just reading this (oops - I'm blushing now)... But I think that kind of sexual tension is the best...

  11. Thanks guys & glad to see you can spell TFE, more than I can do!

  12. ...I love to play ... and what a game of beautiful words! Well combined with the photo!

  13. Please feel free to share 1 to 3 poems with our potluck poetry today, first time participants could use old poems or poems unrelated to our theme, Thanks..
    Happy Monday!

    Love your blog, your poetry is impressive..


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