Monday, February 21, 2011

Poetry Bus - Calling all bus riders!

You will need to hold on tight to your seats this week whilst riding the Poetry Bus as
120 Socks is in the driving seat!  It's my first time behind the wheel so life and limb and the risk of poetry madness is in the air.

For any new and willing riders of the Poetry Bus, just to say the idea came from the wonderful TFE who came up with this brilliant means of inspiring writers, testing their imagination to create a poem each week by use of a prompt given by alternating bus drivers. 

You can become a rider on the bus this week by leaving a comment below once your poem is posted on, before, or even slightly after Monday 21st February and through the wonders of technology, I will link up with you.

The prompts for this week are as follows:

1.  This was one of the first creative prompts I ever received and it proved to be a good one - 

 I knew a woman who........ or indeed I knew a man who........
(real/fictitious or somewhere in between) 


2. The last time I was there...........

(again real,imagined, emotionally felt or pretty well any way you'd like to go with it)


3. The photograph below or the colour Amber.

Happy Writing


  1. Nice prompts Mrs Socks. Plenty to ponder!

  2. Ooh - interesting prompts! And it's really funny - I just finished a poem for the Magpie prompt & the first lines are:

    When I was in
    seminary I knew a
    theologian in training

    But I won't use that poem for this prompt because I'm also using it for One Stop Wednesday & that would just be TOO MUCH. Heh.

    But I'll put my thinking cap on & come up with something new for the bus.

  3. Thanks TFE, and yay The Bug, great minds think alike!

  4. Interesting. I will have a shot...

  5. Cool Dave, let me know when you've posted your poem and if anyone else would like to join the poetry bus ride this week, there's plenty of room, it is an expanding bus!!!

  6. Lots to choose from. I still haven't written for The Bug (I hope she can forgive me), but I'll pop this one in the ol' brain-slot and see what gets fed out down the line.


  7. Wonderful prompts, Socks! I've posted my ticket here:


  8. Thanks Jeanne, welcome on board, I better put my L-plates on!

  9. Hello, Socks. You have a beautiful blog here! I am on board and once again surprised at
    what came from a prompt.

  10. I'm all done and dusted - curled up in the back seat.

  11. Thanks Lydia & Dave, welcome on board!

  12. Lovely prompts - I have run to catch the last bus. Beep the horn when you get here - I'm sitting in the Waffle House on the corner of Dawdle and Late.

  13. Don't worry I'll hang on and wait for you, I am very fond of Waffle House on the corner of Dawdle and Late myself. Me thinks there might be a mini crowd building up there!!!

  14. Oh, woe is me...and late is me! Sorry, but it took me this long to compose just a few lines. At least, I've been thinking!


  15. Ah remember the old saying Helen, the best is kept till last, or nearly last, or if there are any more would-be passengers, climb aboard!

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