Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Stinging Fly - Submissions

For anyone interested in submitting to The Stinging Fly

Submission Guidelines
The Stinging Fly only accepts submissions between January 1st and March 31st each year. Submissions will not be accepted outside of this period.
The Stinging Fly welcomes submissions from Irish and international writers.
All work submitted must be previously unpublished and ideally should not be under consideration elsewhere.
The postal address for submissions is: The Stinging Fly, PO Box 6016, Dublin 8, Ireland. We do not accept e-mail submissions.
Each submission should include an email address for reply. To save time and reduce costs we would prefer to respond to all submissions via email.
If you do need or prefer to have your manuscript returned, please be sure to include return envelopes/postage. If sending work from outside of the Irish Republic, please note that non-Irish stamps are of no use to us here.
All submissions should be accompanied by a cover letter, which should include:
  • Author's Name
  • E-mail address and postal address
  • Name of stories / poems submitted
  • Brief biog if you wish, no CV necessary.
  • Date of Submission
Anyone submitting both fiction and poetry submissions should include a separate cover letter with each.
All submissions should be printed using 1.5 or double line spacing. Minimum font size: 11pt. Every piece of work should have the author's name printed or signed on it.
  • No more than two stories and/or four poems should be submitted at any one time or in any one year.
  • Short stories should not exceed 3000 words. We do publish longer stories, but it is recommended that first-time submissions not exceed 3000 words (by too much).
  • There is no restriction on the length of poems.
  • All submissions are read. The editors' decision may not be correct but it is final.
  • With a limited budget, we are only in a position to offer contributors a discretionary token payment. They will also receive two copies of the issue in which their work is featured and can order further copies at a discounted rate.
  • Copyright remains in all cases with the author. Some work selected may be included in future versions of this web site.
The Stinging Fly
PO Box 6016
Dublin 8
E-mail: (no email submissions) stingingfly@gmail.com
Editor: Declan Meade Poetry Editor: Eabhan Ní Shúileabháin


  1. Thanks for reminder! Pity there's no email submission, good luck if you're submitting!

  2. The same to you Niamh. Not sure if I will submit, but sure maybe an idea will come up and bite me, who knows!


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