Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Novel - The Return

My novel followers (all 3 of you) will know that a week before Christmas I finished the first draft of the said NOVEL.  The plan was to get back to it in January and start the editing process, but sometimes your heart and your brain need a real break, so neither would let me open all 374 pages again, least not for a while.

I did manage to send it to a friend, with the request to read the first 3 chapters, after all is that not what friends are for, to use and abuse!  Anyhow she read them, in fact she read the whole novel which was a brill surprise, as even I would not expect such dedication from my friends.  The feedback was she really enjoyed it and wanted to know if she could get her book club to read it.  I declined, as right now I am only taking baby steps and staying a baby for a while feels very attractive.

But finally today, I visited the manuscript again.  I am in the middle of editing the first 3 chapters, which I hope to finish by next week, along with reviewing the synopsis and finally perfecting the 'pitch letter'. 

For now, I am just glad that I am back writing it, and that I don't hate it, and even more important, even though I know the story, the beginning, middle and end, I am still happy to read and reread it over and over again, which is just as well as I think it might require knowing it by heart before I am finished.

So I'll be back with more fascinating insights over the next while, so all 3 of you followers out there, stay tuned! 


  1. Good on you! Sounds like you're tackling it v professionally

  2. Good to see your little image again. Not sure about !!!

  3. Left out the words, 'the professional bit!

  4. There will be 3 chapters mailing there way to you shortly!!!! Hero indeed!!!

  5. Way to go, Socks! Keep on writing; I'm sure you are destined for greatness.


  6. Wow! Congrats on writing the first draft. That's wonderful. I will definitely be tuning in for your insights on novel writing/editing.

  7. Thanks Maire! Insights might be a bit too optimistic but delighted you will be tuning in!


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