Friday, February 4, 2011

Bone to Blossom - Launch Not to be Missed

From Bone to Blossom, an anthology of poetry & pen and ink drawings
 By Eileen Casey & Emma Barone.

The launch will take place at Birr Library on Saturday 12th February at 11 a.m.

The publication will be launched by Artist & Writer Rosalind Fanning.

Tea & Coffee will be served.

Everyone welcome. Free Admission.
RSVP to 057-9346800

Supported by Offaly Arts Council



  1. Great title, I would love to go to this, I saw some of the tree drawings in The Midland Arts Magazine, and they are beautiful, pity I'm working.

  2. I feel it in my bones... this will be a book to buy.

  3. Yes the title is great and I really love the cover, pity you have to work Words A Day!

    You're right Dave, it is one to buy, Eileen's poetry is amazing and if the drawings inside even half live up to the cover, the combination should be fantastic.


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