Sunday, February 13, 2011

Poetry Bus Poem - Embrace

This week's poetry bus prompt came from the previously 7ft 10 inch Bug who is driving the bus on the eve of Valentine's Day and she gave us 3 different snowy picture prompts, I chose number 2 of two battered old couches abandoned in the snow.
For images and other bus riders visit  here

When the excitement of newness fades,
and years of being take their toll,
when things that matched,
seem less sure,
perhaps you should discard,
replace, or maybe just renew,
by looking close again,
to see what wasn’t obvious before.
Old patterns fade and fabrics wear,
but shape and form,
a solid base,
can ease together,
and once again embrace.


  1. Oh this is true- old and worn, faded, even soft
    is hard to let go of! Thanks .

  2. Oh, this is really lovely Socks, great interpretation, the last two lines especially tie it together well

  3. This is a lovely poem, and so true!

  4. Am liking this greatly, particularly the careful, almost soothing rhymes

  5. I like it! Isn't marriage so like that? You have to look at each other afresh every now & then & then figure out how you fit each other again.

    I'll send you an email about the links.

  6. Thanks guys and yes Bug, marriage is so like that!

  7. Well said! Soft and comfortable - like a basket with 120 (real) socks in it. In my case it would be 121. There's always that extra one because one's gone missing.

  8. You saw so much in a photo of old chairs in the snow. I liked the gentle rhythm. A good piece of work, Socks.

  9. The mellifluous choice of words echo the lovely warm sentiment, rounded off very neatly too!

  10. Thanks Muse Swings, Enchanted Oak & Peter!

  11. Beautiful, Socks! Gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

  12. Tis soothing and lovely and sage! Really well written, well done!

  13. Nice twist on the old chairs photo...


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