Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Walking/Photo Journal - Bad Days & Early Flowering

All days are made up of good and bad bits and for the most part hopefully the good wins the battle.  But sometimes like yesterday, just like the way bits of good news can surprise you in how blinkin' great they make you feel, so too can bits of bad news do the very opposite.  

With women, they say hormones have a lot to do with feeling down, and being female means that I can at least consider this possibility.  Tiredness too is another tester of one's emotions but then again maybe neither of these things really matter.

Perhaps we just need to accept that life is all about feeling great and feeling rotten, and if we didn't have one, we certainly would not have the other.

So enough of the 'Carrie Bradshaw' sitting at my keyboard trying to work out the world, or even worse, work out 'me in the world'.  I am just going to dust myself down and get on with it, cause there's always something good around to help with the bad bits, if we just look for it.

Like a couple of minutes ago, when I was feeling a particular wave of 'feel sorry for me', I looked out the window, and there they were, the first of the spring flowers.  The smallest, and the bravest, because they arrive first, with lots of vulnerability due to their gentility, and the harsh frosty nights just waiting to pounce on them, but they arrive all the same, small and splendid!

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