Friday, February 11, 2011

Book Club - The Pornographer by John Mc Gahern

Okay, it's nearly time to get the reviews of this month's book club selection.  Those discerning individuals who make up the book club will meet again next Thursday and will no doubt be their usual, no holding back opinionated selves, with yours truly 120 socks being one of them!

If any of you have read this book or indeed get a chance to read it over the next week, your comments will be very much appreciated, and will certainly add to what most likely will be another lively debate.

For critical reviews of previous books for November, December & January see links below!


  1. oooo I have a nasty thing against the idea of John McGahern. I've never read him but the *idea* of him is repellent to me. All potatoes and poor mouthing. I'm such a bitch ha.

  2. It's on my list, but I doubt I'll have read it in time. Be interested to read the reviews, though.

  3. Jessica sounds like you would fit in nicely in the book club, we relish strong opinions. The reviews should be interesting Dave!


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