Monday, June 27, 2011

The Strand - Magpie Tales 71

Image Courtesy of Tess @ Magpie Tales

Above this week's visual prompt from Tess @ Magpie Tales, which reminded me of colourful fish and then the sea.  So here's one from an early childhood memory - Visit Here - for some wonderful takes on the prompt, or even better have a go yourself!

The Strand

I am three years old,
the tide’s coming in,
new sights and sounds,
of an unknown place.

The breeze batters my ears and face,
filling my hair with knots and sand.
Against sea and sky he stands,
trouser legs rolled up,
white chalk skin, unforeseen.

He turns to the sea, his back to me,
I am cold,
the wind cutting out all other sounds.
As he walks away, the blue waters eat his feet,
my mother's hands grip mine,
‘No,’  I roar.

The strand is huge,
swallowing my sobs,
‘shush,’ she says holding tighter still,
as my father turns,
coming back from the sea,
into memory.


  1. Poor little thing. I feel for her. Happy ending.

    Here's my Magpie: Afloat

  2. Brilliant image - the blue waters eat his feet,
    and this line too - The strand is huge/swallowing my sobs -
    it really captures how it feels to be so small, when things are new and strange and capable of swallowing us up. I think its great.

  3. I'd quite like my feet to be eaten by cold water this hot and sunny day1 LOL

  4. An amazing Magpie .... from the memory of a child's mind. Beautifully told.

  5. Some things are truly frightening from a child's perspective. Nice write.

  6. Thanks guys -really appreciate your comments.

  7. you captured the child's perspective brilliantly

  8. Thanks Isabel - following you now, I have u set up in my sidebar!

  9. This is really impressive I have no such vivid memories from that time period and you've really captured something amazing here

  10. Very cool magpie -- I loved the line "filling my hair with knots and sand". And you captured the feeling of memory so well. I'd love to read more of your writing.

    Thanks for stopping by Small Works. Not on twitter, just fb -- but I can tell we think alike, so I think I should become a follower right now . . .

  11. Thanks Mindlovemisery & Susan, for such lovely comments!

  12. This sent a chill down my spine - brilliant stuff!

    Anna :o]

  13. A defining moment for one so young.

  14. poignant. i rather liked this poem and this take for this magpie prompt! :-)

  15. Thanks guys for your lovely comments.

  16. You capture a three year old's perspective well! I know - I am one, some days!

  17. A wonderful capture of a child's fear - ah, even the fear of a grown person!

  18. The sea is very scary when you are three and it's eating your daddy. Lovely memory.


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