Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Top Ten Father's Day Presents - How Times Have Changed

Always keen to explore new ideas, I've decided to run some blog posts looking at advertisement campaigns from way back, under the heading:- 

How Times Have Changed!

So seeing as how Father's Day will be soon upon us, I figured it might be good to link the theme with that difficult question which consumes us at this time of year - WHAT DOES DAD WANT?'

With this in mind, and being a very helpful kind of sock/girl, I decided to check out the top 10 in the list of pressies for good old Dad, and here's what I came up with.

1.  Accessories - Hankies/Socks/Gloves/Shirts & JUMPERS!
2.  Food/Drink - Chocolates/Wine/Beer.
3.  Tools - What man can resist?
4.  Hobby Supplies - Golf/Fishing etc.
5.  Sports Stuff - Kit bags, tennis rackets, blah, blah, blah.
6.  Electronics -  A Satellite Navigationw which he can ignore.
7.  Motor add-ons - You know, mini vacuum cleaners & the like!
8.  Media - Books, Music, DVD's.
9.  Outdoors or Summer Items - Hammocks, BBQ, Lawnmower!
10.Time - Doesn't cost anything but itself, but he will probably expect a pressie too!

As Accessories are No.1, and with jumpers being an accessory, it
brings us neatly to the first 'How Times Have Changed' advertisement from the 1950's

Read and enjoy!
(For those of you who find reading the small print a chore, it goes something like this)

Indoors, women are useful, even pleasant, but on a mountain, they are something of a drag! So don't go having them up a cliff just to show off your new jumper!



  1. As a septuagenarian, my days of wondering about this subject are long gone! In fact, even when my Dad was alive, Father's Day hadn't exactly caught on as a major UK event, certainly when I was small. Once grown, it was more an excuse for a family tea party, than a gift giving nightmare...

  2. ha, nice. It's true! I, for one, as a woman, freely admit that on a mountain I am INDEED a drag :)

  3. So tell us Jinksy - were you allowed up the mountains as a young daring girl that I'm sure you were, seeing as how you are pretty daring now.

    What Jessica, not even tempted by those lovely jumpers! Also can't leave a comment on your last post - probably me being stupid!

  4. Hilarious! I was really good at finding every root in the trail, or so my dad tells me.

  5. Loved this, how times have changed indeed? I lost my dad a long time ago but find my hubbie prefers the non material things like a lie on and a bit of peace and quiet for Fathers day.

  6. Good for you Pam - you are part of the revolution! But whoever would have thought advertisement like this went out. Sort of like looking at bad fashion that makes you want to go OMG - did someone really wear that?

    Thanks Brigid - but I bet he gets spoilt in other ways! Glad you liked the add - tune in for more, there are some real treats ahead.

  7. Well, I am just flabbergasted! I am imagining my mother reading that ad & going to hit my dad with a brick just on general principals. Heh.

  8. Your mother sounds like a woman right up my street! But poor Dad - thinking about the old line - 'it wasn't me, it was the other guy!' LOL

  9. This ad would have an entirely different connotation today! And the jumpers are so spiffy! Hilarious!

  10. Indeed Lolamouse, a whole other story there alright.


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