Thursday, June 16, 2011

3 Secrets

Secrets are great things as they create an air of speciality for the receiver. 

For example, when someone says, can I tell you a secret, are you more interested than when someone says, nice day for a walk?  Of course you are, you feel you are going to get something special, because secrets are special. 

There is also the added bonus, that when someone shares a secret, it's like the friendship/relationship steps up a notch, after all you are not going to tell everyone, just the chosen ones.

So have you been tempted?  Well here are 3 secrets I've heard about lately dealing with the mystery of being published!  I warn you in advance, THIS COULD HURT!

Secret 1
Publishers don't want to publish your book, reason being, they are publishing a lot already and are looking for a reason to take the easy path (standard rejection letter). Don't give them a reason to reject it, make your book the best it can be.

Secret 2
Good writing is a must, but it is not the deciding factor in whether your book will be published or not - for example - Does your book fit into their current range - Is the market big enough to make a profit, after all they are not charities - Is your book the right one for them?

Secret 3
Most writers don't make money, or very little - reason, most sell less than one thousand copies.  So if you are in it for the money, you are playing the wrong game. 

Still interested now you know these secrets? 

It is a 'yes' for me anyhow, so I best get busy getting better.

Happy Writing!

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