Wednesday, June 8, 2011

When I was Small

I saw a nice message on twitter earlier asking 'when you were little, what did you want to grow up to be.'

And I got to wondering if these early dreams ever really go away.  I tried hard to think back and remember my little girl dreams and this is what I came up with.

I remember wanting to be a glamorous famous singer.  Shocking really, the goals we set ourselves, especially seeing as how I don't have a note in my head, (no really), even Happy Birthday is a struggle for me, especially when I get to the higher notes.  Of course this sent me on another tangent, wondering if we are inclined to wish for things we can never have or be. 

Answer: Probably only those of us that have a desire to beat ourselves up over the impossible!
(I come in and out of this category depending on mood and weather.)

Anyhow, I remember wanting to be a teacher,  own my own bookshop, the latter being a really big ambition of mine as there were times that the secondhand book shop near where we lived, felt like a home away from home.  It was the love of books that set into my head a dream of being a writer some day, and perhaps seeing my book on a shelf, all new and interesting, with my name on it. 

Also, I wanted to fall in love, get married, have a family.  Luckily, very luckily for me, I was blessed on that score.

Now I don't so much mind not being a teacher, I got some practice rearing my children, nor do I mind very much not owning a bookshop because, I can still visit them and relive that excitement all over again, but seeing my book on a shelf, well that ambition will never go away, which kind of makes me believe, that little girl dreams will always live on.


  1. i wanted to be a painter or a barrister (so could argue for a living) and a ballerina, even better a painting ballerina bannister...so far I've not succeeded on that score but its not over yet!

  2. You paint wonderfully, and I bet you argue as well as the best of them. As for the ballerina, could it be a bit like my singer or are you gifted in that area as well!

  3. Lovely post, Louise, and beautiful photo. I'm such a terrible singer that up until recently, I MIMED my way through 'Happy Birthday' songs!

    Now, I sing my heart out for that song because it's not about how I sing, it's why I sing. And I got tired of shushing my voice.

    Keep going, keep writing, keep reading, keep dreaming, sound your voice and you will see your book(s) on a bookstore shelf one day.

    Good luck!

    PS I wanted to be a ballerina too :-)

  4. I think as we get older, we forget that little girl. Only sometimes do I remember what she wanted. What she felt. When I do, it is as if I am young again. Don't ever forget or give up on that little girl ...

  5. Love this post ... I wanted to be a famous designer of ladies clothing! My paper doll Milly had a wardrobe to die for!!! I still sew, I have designed for myself. My crowning glory? In 1967 a sexy maternity swim suit ~ decades ahead of itself.

  6. that's lovely :)

    Whoops, sorry JC but I honestly can't remember what I wanted to be when I was little. I don't remember being small, really.

    I couldn't read on my own until I was 9 but have never stopped since. The first book I really remember reading though was Great Expectations, when I was 12. BLEW MY MIND. And from then on, always, it's been writing.

    But before that...? Something stupid, probably. A fairy. I never had the dreams of family and children either. God this makes me sound so sad!! But I had a great time - it's just that I lived in some dreamworld and maybe never thought of growing up out of it (and I never did!) So yeah, we'll stick with fairy.

    .....What do I want to be when I growup *now*? A mermaid, of course. - Jessica Maybury, 26.

  7. Hi 120 socks! Thanks so much for the message. I'll def follow you back on Twitter. Was off the radar there for a while - I had a lot happening between a family member being sick and starting a new job myself. Hope to be back posting regular now though.
    Really enjoyed your post. They are all things I've wanted at some point myself. But like you, it's the dream of being a writer that never goes away.

  8. Brilliant comments everyone,they are all fab. From fairy to mermaid is Jessica!
    Niamh, barrister with a leaning toward ballet.
    Love the paper doll memory Helen.
    Too right JC,never give up on that little girl.
    Will blast out Happy Birthday from now on Ethel (or try really hard)
    And Aine, never let the writing dream go away!
    All great,keep them coming. And don't be shy guys, your voice needs to be heard too!
    Tweet or comment!

  9. You've just suggested another post to me. Thanks!

  10. Gosh Dave, now I'm intrigued. Will keep a look out.

  11. I agree with the bookstore- in this day and age that can be a real challenge! I will go peruse my memory see if I cannot find some answers- thanks!

  12. Looking forward to hearing them izzy!

  13. I wanted to be David Attenborough or Micheal Palin, except... you know... female.

  14. Apparently I wanted to be a check out girl. This not tremendously ambitious side of me persists to this day :)

    (And I did get to work the til in two different retail establishments so hey, I can die happy having achieved my goals...)

  15. Rachel, what can I say, first lesson in life, accept the things you cannot change, and by the way you would be a great female version of either.

    D'oub - I seem to remember us having this conversation before!

  16. Oh, it's possible - I don't even aim high enough in life to have unique conversations :)

  17. FYI D'oub - You are amazing, and 120 Socks don't lie (mainly cause I am rubbish at it, but we'll keep that a secret)!

  18. I definitely did dream of writing stories. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I'll definitely add you on twitter when I get the chance. Thanks again and have a lovely day. Liz


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