Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Toy Memories

Since starting on Twitter I have learned lots - first thing I've learned is you need to be disciplined about your time on it, otherwise your whole writing/working/living day could disappear!

I will post some handy tips soon about the pitfalls to avoid, however this post is about something more endearing, wonderful, engaging and hopefully will receive back as many darn good memories as 'what you dreamt about being as a little person,' proved to receive.

Anyhow, another gem idea from Ethel Rohan (if you are not follwoing her on twitter, then do) was asking about your favourite childhood toy, and seeing as how I noticed other Tweeters (not sure if that is the proper term) also talking about this yesterday, I took it as a 'sign' for a blog post, as signs are always good, and for the most part should be followed.

So here it is - Question- When you think of childhood, what toy comes to mind?

Mine was a yellow duck on wheels that I could pull along -  it went missing in the way that toys mysteriously do, and my little girl brain has held on to it ever since.  Whether it was the toy itself, the whole moving, following you part of it, or whether is was because it went missing. that caused it to shoot  to number one spot in my memory, I will never know, but sure isn't that the mystery of life.

So here's your chance - get that memory out, share it, I know I am looking forward to reading it.

Also just to add here, I've spent 20 minutes trying to get as close an image to my yellow duck as possible, the connection is still strong - I didn't find the right one, but this is the closest with the extra little ducks for family - put away the hankies, I will recover soon, honest!

Happy Sunny Tuesday!


  1. My childhood toy was a teddy bear called Curious George. Of course, Santa never did things by the book...so the teddy I had was one from Dunes, which happened to be a yellow, white and I think pink striped teddy. So, I forgave Santa and named him "Yellow Nose". I loved that teddy...he was burnt about 2 decades later when a sister complained he was smelly....bit of a sore point...but sure Irish Mammies can’t help it!!!
    PS love your blog posts, always entertaining and interesting.

  2. Love the name 'Yellow Nose', great toy name - burnt how awful, at least my duck just went missing - point of fact Irish Mammies can lie well! Just reading some of your posts earlier, will follow once I work out how to, having a dumb brain day!

  3. Easy peasey http://image2.onlineauction.com/auctions//21696/gfwp-1066551-2.jpg
    I'd the castle, dream land, the necklaces, the rollar park...
    I actually may start buying them all again? As a weird collector person I mean.


  4. My kids have buried them in my cupboards,storage boxes, drawers,attic. Do you think should I bury them!

  5. I did a post on my blog, Poetikat's Blasts From the Past about my bear, Teddy. You can read that here, if you like:


    Also, I'm back on "Keepsakes". Yay!

  6. A wooden jigsaw with breeds of dog on it. About 80 pieces, I would guess. One missing, which broke my heart every time I did it, which was a least once a day. Ah, sad childhood...

  7. Hi Kat, good to have you back. Home late, so will read link 2morrow, just finished a workshop in Irish Writers Centre, then went for food wit hubby, heading for bed,wrecked.

    Ah Titus, missing jigsaw piece,that wud upset me to hell! But what bit was missing, a part of a dog nose, the top of an eye - you can't leave me not knowing!

  8. Two toys. If I think about early childhood, it's Noah's ark I had for my fifth Christmas, which I spent in hospital.

    If I think older, then it's Meccano - though maybe that wasn't a toy!

  9. Thanks Dave - Noah's ark, that is a good one, wondering whether being the toy you got while in hospital is part of the strong memory - sorry, I over analize everything. Meccano is a toy I think - falls into the category of jigsaws and lego and the like!

  10. Two words - Fuzzy Felt! Yes! Hours of felty fun...

  11. Ahh D'oub - Did felty fun inspire, form part of who you are today? Tell us more!

  12. Wow. Memories...I had a little ladybug toy that our housekeeper (I can't believe we had a housekeeper!) used to play hide and seek with me with. I was VERY young, as this woman was also my mother's lay nurse when I was born. I also remember a stuffed toy cat that I called "Persian Purple." It was a lavender color and had really soft fur, probably real rabbit fur or something.

  13. The best thing in the world was the blue bike I got for my fourth birthday...white saddle, white handlebars and silver stabilisers...that soon got removed. I went everywhere on it for years. I can still remember the first few seconds of cycling by myself - it was like Kramer vs Kramer (without Dustin!) ps thanks for the link you left on my blog:0

  14. Wonderful post. My favourite childhood toy was books :) It's strange; I can't recall any actual toys.

  15. Great memory Lolamouse, gosh sounds like a nice housekeeper too! And Persian Purple - with that name the owner had to write.

    Words a Day - Sounds like the Best Blue Bike - nice recall too - now worries over link, if you do some art for them, I hope they value you!

    Olga - Now you need to tell us your favourite childhood book - pleeese!

  16. My favourite childhood books are ALL books by Astrid Lindgren and Tove Janssen.

  17. My fave toy was a miniature silver cross pram ...our kitten tiny tim was often dressed in dolls clothes and pushed in it ....looked funny when he tried to escape tho !

  18. Nice one Kezm, bet he did look funny!

    Thanks for the info Olga, do you still have many of them?

  19. I had toys but not one stands out :(. My best memories r playing imaginary games alone and with friends. That may sound really sad but I never made emotional attachments to things, still don't. My parents divorced when I was young so I learnt quickly the only real Imortant irreplaceable things were people. God this is depressing but sadly true. Thanks Louise that's another visit to the therapist, only kidding reminded me of what's really important xx

  20. I guess tattoodevil13 u got to understand something very young dat some people don't get in a whole lifetime!


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