Thursday, June 2, 2011


Eight months into blogging with 77, well 78 followers (for some reason one of them is invisible).  Now, I do have a theory about the invisible one, like by being invisible it means something other than the normal google blip, and maybe I have a blogging ghost! 

Yes I know, over active imagination, but this is a good thing you must agree, especially when writing fiction.  And on the subject of fiction, I read a quote about it the other day, it went something like - fiction is good lying - which really worries me as I am hopeless at lying.

Anyhow to the point of this post.  I seem to have plateaued at my number of blog followers.  I did get a new follower over the weekend, which really gave me a boost, but being greedy, I would really like more.  So if you read 120Socks from time to time (over 15,000 hits in 8 months), visit via other wonderful and interesting blogs, or if you have just started to follow me on Twitter, then sign up, follow, I will follow back, I am that kinda girl/sock!

Let's rebel against the plateau together!

And just for fun if you are an existing follower or even if you are not, look HERE for a special, tear jerking clip about long term friendship.

3 WEEKS on and now @ 96 followers - Brilliant!  Thanks & welcome to all new friends.  Link up and follow if you want to connect & I'll link back!
Happy writing!


  1. Well followers don't mean comments- so
    plateau ? It would be nice to have reliable 'readers' and permanent 'friends' online;
    but I can only think of one, maybe 2-
    who answer even 'remarks'.

  2. Oh I hope I answer comments, I usually try to on the post. Some are very good at emailing as well, but most blogs don't have valid email links, so that makes it difficult! Thanks for following izzy!

  3. I've been blogging for almost two years. I think most of my followers have just forgotten to drop me. I only get a few comments each day. How some get so many .. I don't know,

  4. I tried twitter but i just dont seem to get it, perhaps I'm not online enough...will try again:)
    Thanks for your comment and enjoy your course tomorrow:)

  5. Following you now JC.

    Thanks Words A Day - will do twitter lesson soon - today was just one of those bad days best forgotten!

  6. I must find JC! If the Son of God isn't getting comments, Armageddon can't be far away.

    I follow and I comment and now you give me elephants that make me cry! No fair!

    On a more serious note, I think the best way to blog is with no expectations whatsoever. Write primarily for yourself, and the rest is bonus. Tons more people look than comment.

  7. I love this post and your blog:) I am following.

  8. Sorry for making you cry Titus, and yes blogging is all about writing what gives you a bit of fun, and joy etc, and everything else is a bonus. You are also right about the comments, so many people read but don't. I find it impossible not to most times, unless I don't have time, which is kind of the way I talk as well. Very worrying trait!

    Welcome Olga, will try to find you and follow you back!


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