Tuesday, May 31, 2011

From Daft to Daffy

(A) The Daft Bit:

I was in a 'why the hell do I want to write mood' yesterday.  I thought about all the things I could be doing instead of writing, like living a normal life, you know the kind, orderly house, helping the community, shopping, reading, having coffee with the girls.  Well that argument kind of landed on its face, because although I try to be a good person, I am not your professional do-gooder, nor do I have the money for turning shopping into a hobby, and much as I love meeting my friends for coffee, I could never do it in a 'Sex and the City, or Friends' kind of way.  An orderly house would be good, but it wouldn't last long, and then I would have to do it again, and well, it's not exactly life shattering!  But, I told myself, I could do nice intelligent things, like read (mentioned that already), take up a new hobby, talk to my family etc.etc.  In the end, I settled on a creative choice.  You see, I had these Anemone (de chan) flowering bulbs/seed in my kitchen for ages, all twelve packs of them, 50 in a packet, which had been on special offer in Woodies a couple of months back.  So I thought, sod the writing, be creative another way and deal with the sods of earth.

The instructions were easy enough, plant bulbs 2" apart and 2" down in the soil.  So off I went yesterday, the rebel that I was, and started to plant.  My son had helped out earlier by bringing some top soil up, the sort of stuff which was nice and easy to work with once you did a bit of racking etc.  So, here comes the daft bit, or rather, the really daft bit, I never did the maths.  By that I mean, I never multiplied 50 by 12, giving 600 bulbs, and I never multiplied 600 by 2", which incidentally is 1200" or 100ft.  But I wasn't going to stop mid-way through the job, no slacking off on my new creative path, absolutely not, the writing was the enemy, this was creative fun, requiring nothing more than a little work, well 100ft of it, which I belatedly worked out last night when my thumb felt like someone had hit it with a hammer.  Yes, I know, I could have used one of those little gardening things, like the smiley lady in the picture has, the ones for digging small holes, but I didn't!  I thought what's 2", why get hung up on tools, so I pushed my little thumb 100 ft into the earth, all in the effort,just in case you have forgotten, to avoid writing.

One sore thumb later, and one failed plan, I went back to the keyboard early this morning, luckily, the thumb on the space bar does not take too much force, and gave in to the joy of writing all over again.

(B)  The Daffy Bit:

Discovered this new web site called Dog House Diaries - Thought you might like some retail therapy advice! Just as well, I didn't choose shopping!


  1. Oh Socks, I'm sorry, but the anenome maths had me laughing out loud.
    Wishing the thumb well.

  2. Wishing the thumb gets its own in the writing rehab wing... the anenome math had me smiling as well, and probably would have done the true calculations around the same time.

  3. I just can't get the image of my thumb sinking 100 feet into the earth out of my mind. It stacks up well as one of my more ridiculous adventures!

  4. My thumb hurts just reading this!

  5. BUT - is your poorly thumb green?! LOL

  6. I wore green gardening gloves, hoping that will help!!


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