Friday, May 27, 2011

12 Tips for eliminating unnecessary words!

Almost always in writing, we use too many words. (9)

So I thought this link HERE would be useful.

Shortened intro:

Eliminate unnecessary words. (3)

(9 down to 3- not bad)

Of course, who needed an intro with a title?

(9 down to Zero - Perfect)


  1. Perfect timing ... yesterday I spent hours editing all of my posts - both blogs. Eliminated so many words, my head was spinning.

  2. Hi Helen.... thanks again. Now my follower icons have disappeared....think I am having a bad blogging week! Is this a new photo? Good one.

  3. The editing- ah yes -and that is why 55's and 140's, Magpies are fun! (are you skilled at carving ? pottery)- using and shaping, just enough!


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