Friday, May 27, 2011

The Common Comment

Okay, I just need to share this!

Why in the heck can I comment on some blogs and not on others?  Why is it that I cannot comment on MY own blog, and I am getting very, very tired of being treated as ANONYMOUS, no matter how many times I log it!

Just started on Twitter this week, and it is growing on me nearly as quickly as google blogging is not! Follow me HERE if you wish to join the revolution!

Please, please Google just fix the blasted thing, while part of me, still wants to be your friend!!!


  1. think everyone's having issues just now...

    maybe they'll get it sorted soon

  2. I havent been hit by that problem yet but I see from Facebook that its affecting a lot of bloggers. Twitter really baffles me, I'll give it a try but...

  3. I can't figure this out either .. thought I would try leaving you a comment .. we'll see.
    I had to use my name and URL ...

  4. Try this little trick ... sign out of blogger. Sign back in. "untick" the keep me signed in box. It has worked for me on the last two blogs I've left comments on ...

  5. Helen you are officially a genius!

  6. Happening for me too Socks! And yet, and yet, Helen appears to have just qualified for MENSA!

  7. And she can sing too! Is there no end...?


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