Thursday, June 23, 2011

At what age does love begin?

Following on from previous posts dealing with questions like, 'When you think of childhood, what toy comes to mind?' or 'When you were little, what did you dream of being when you grew up?' - Inevitably we get to the LOVE QUESTION?

So assuming you are one of the lucky/unlucky people in this world that has fallen in love - How old were you when you fell in love for the first time?

Not wanting to ask these questions, without being prepared to answer them myself; well I had a little think.

I do remember falling in love for the first time, in fact when I thought about it, I also remembered falling in love for the second time, and both seem to have remained with me in part because neither were very successful.

The first time, I was eleven, and it was a boy from school.  He was intelligent, attractive, funny, caring, just not caring for me!  If I remember it correctly, in order to gain his attention, I embarked on a process of getting to know him, become his friend so to speak.  Unfortunately, I misjudged the level of enthusiasm required, because we did become friends, in fact he told me, we were best friends, which is why he shared with me his secret desires for another girl, who happened to be far prettier than I, or at least so I thought at the time.  Not wanting to embarrass myself further, and reveal to him the real motives for my interest, I embarked on a plan to help him meet up with this other girl.  I know real handkerchief material here, but the thing is, I can't remember if I ever succeeded, which in a way is a good thing, because somehow, I guess little eleven year old me must have moved on.

The second time I fell in love, I was fifteen.  He wasn't particularily attractive, I remember that, so it was the old personality attraction going strong.  We were friends already, in that kind of girls and guys that hang out with each other in a group thing.  I must have driven my girlfriends mad talking about him, cause I remember I did a lot of it.  Anyhow, as is the way with these things, opportunity eventually presented itself.  It happened at Christmas time, and there was a local dance going on.  Needless to say, the preparation was a major affair, me sensing that my moment of Love's dream was about to happen.  Now you could have knocked me down with a feather, when he came over and asked me to dance.  There was a slow song playing, (not going to tell you which one, I need some secrets) and we danced, and I knew, this was it, at last the two of us were together.  Now, I made the mistake of thinking, that he was on the same wavelength as me, believing there was no need to interrupt our beautiful moment with small talk.  I know hard to believe, seeing as I had done nothing other than talk about him, until I was in his arms.  So we danced, listened to the music, holding each other in blissful silence for at least 5 minutes.  At the end of the dance, he thanked me and went back to his friends, obviously mistaking my silence for complete lack of interest.  I was devastated all Christmas, no amount of festive flavour was going to lift my gloom.  But after plenty of tears, regrets, and wanting to hit myself over the head for being such a ninny, eventually I got over this one too.

And yes, for any of you out there who might still be tempted to grab a hanky and cry on my behalf, I did fall in love again, and was lucky enough to be loved back!  So smiles all around.

Now having ranted on for so long with the above, I think I will leave my research notes on the tell-tale body language signs of someone being in love with you for another day.  There are some really interesting pieces of information, that one should be aware of.  They could have helped me no doubt at the time, but something tells me, I still would have jumped in feet first!

Please leave a comment, if something comes to mind, other than the fact that 120 Socks is a lunatic, a loving lunatic mind, cause I know that already!


  1. what a sweet story, thanks for sharing. The first time I fell in love I was a very plain lookin 15 year old...he had no interest, so I forgot about buys till I was 19!

  2. Ahh! But bet you worked out loads in the intervening years!

  3. I remember my first crush. i was young only 7 or 8 and it lasted till I was about 11. It was a boy from school named Danny M. who looking back was definitely not all that. I'm so glad that didn't work out.

    I did fall in love again, even married but always to the wrong kind of guy in the end I'm alone, but I still believe in love. I'll fall in love again I'm sure. Maybe this time will be the prize winner.

  4. Absolutely - Hopefully you will enjoy when I post the 'telling signs of knowing when someone loves you.' This Love segment could run for months I think!

  5. My first love is currently a sports journo with a broadsheet. Every time I see his name I'm zapped back to my childhood. He was my next door neighbour and when he was about 7 and me 6, we 'eloped' to the local church to see if the priest would marry us. Fast forward a few years and we're robbing apple orchards all summer, playing strip poker and asking all the younger kids if they were virgins. Oh,how we laughed when the said no. I'm not telling you what we got up to in our teens!

  6. Only you Caren - only you! You have reminded me of something from way back. When I was six, I did have a boyfriend now that I think of it. He came to our front door and told my mother that he would go out with me, but he would not marry me! A boy with sense! Gosh, I had forgotten that until now - guess I didn't love him, then it is so easily forgotten!

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  8. A decade! Laughing at the jumper idea - the irish mammy! Think you did well Words A Day to move on - LOL

  9. Already wrote my 'story' HERE if you want a another tale of teenage angst, and then some! :)

  10. Just checked it out Jinksy! Brill

  11. My first love was my RE teacher - he looked so young and innocent and couldn't control a class at all. I must have been about thirteen. I sent him a Valentines card - anonymously of course and he didn't realise it was from me.

    Some five years later he married one of my classmates - she had left school by then. I was well 'over' him, but did wonder if he had cast his eye on her then and thought the card from her.

    I shall never know.

    Re Twitter. Often when I 'switch on' Louise, you and only you, it appears that I am neither following you or have unfollowed you - so I click follow, only to see you twice as someone I follow. So I unfollow! Very confusing.

    Sometimes I can easily send a message or tweet - but sometimes can't - so it confuses me.

    I would love to know how to tweet my posts! Hel-up!

    Kind regards.

    Anna :o]

    PS I am going to place you on my bloglist on Puzzelicious so I don't miss out on your excellent posts!

  12. Good Lord I was a late developer. First year of sixth form for me, and we had to go through the rigamole of pretending to absolutely (and actively) hate each other before 'it' (ie the first kiss) happened.
    I've also just realised something terrible. I can't remember how 'it' happened. Obviously wasn't love after all, though we spent the next seven years breaking each other's hearts intermittently.

    Ooh, new socks!

  13. Great story Hyper - cud you imagine if your card started a love affair for someone else - that sure beats my story! I'll send you an email with post for twitter intro.

    Titus - glad you like the socks,trying to freshen up my act! The first kiss, yeap a classic - just thought of my one, and s**t it was far from classic, sloppy, awful, and all one way - not mine!

  14. My first 'true' love was in high school. It was with a guy named Steve, who was the brother of a guy my friend Sandra was dating (off and on). To keep things top secret, we created code names for each of them. Sandra and I were both childhood fans of the cartoon "Speed Racer", so Tom became 'Speed', and Steve became "Rex" (a condensed version of the character name 'Racer X')! Sadly, I never did hook up with Steve, and Sandra and Tom barely lasted through the summer post-graduation. But what a blast we had with our 007-ish thrill of the chase!

  15. Jeanie, thanks for that - sounds likes it was really thrilling and exciting all dat secret service stuff - brillant! See u r on twitter, will follow you there!

  16. I was twelve the first time I felt in love with a boy. His blue eyes are impossible to capture with words. I still sometimes think about him and wonder where life took him, if his eyes are still as brilliant.

  17. Blue eyes that stay in memory, and yes you would wonder alright, if they changed? I have heard so many stories about people meeting their first love after years, and the connection rekindles! Still Sebastian Barry had a great lin in 'The Secret Scripture' - Such is the magicianship of girls, that they can transform mere clay into large and classic ideas.'

  18. I too made the mistake of becoming too good a friend on many occasions, only to watch him walk of into the sunset with someone else. I eventually got it right and fell in love with Stephen. Ahh I still have such fond memories of him. I was 14 and it was summer. They are still some of my fondest memories because it was all so new and exciting. We spent all r time together until he had to move away. I was totally heartbroken and inconsolable. I still see him around today and although I know we wouldn't be right for each other now the site of him still gives me butterflies as it brings back all those amazing feelings only a first love can give you.

  19. The butterflies are always a bit of a givaway - thinking of my Sebastian Barry quote. "Such is the magicianship of girls, that they can transform mere clay into large and classic ideas." Thanks for commenting tattoodevil!

  20. many years ago a beautiful red headed girl fell for a tall thin boy, he spurned her in order to follow "other interests" he did indeed marry one of his other interests and had three beautiful children, however, regretfully he never quite gave up all of his "other interests" this led to great trouble and many years later he ended up getting divorced.
    whilst sitting in his bachelor pad feeling lonely he came upon match.com and browsed, wherein much to his surprise he espied a beautiful redhead, whom he has since married and lives happily ever after.
    the end.

  21. Thirteen. Amazing how real it seemed at the time. Thank goodness I had a mother who was determined I wouldn't start dating until I was sixteen!

    Inglath Cooper

  22. Gosh riggerscam, ur stories keep getting better - can't wait 4 d blog!

    Thanks Inglath-Mothers are so wise!


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