Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How Times Have Changed? - Dr. Who -What -How?

Okay more than a little tight for time today with my multi-tasking skills being pushed to the limit, today's post will be short and hopefully sweet, or if not sweet, full of smoke!

Gone are the days when we used to say 'An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away' -and we are certainly more aware and educated about healthy eating habits and lifestyles than ever before.  Despite the latter though, obesity in children and adults seem to be on the rise - probably a kick back from our changing lifestyles, meaning, we do more sitting down at PCs than out doing physical exercise.  (Note to self - start back walking as of today!)

Anyhow, I digress, but perhaps I might return to this subject again.  In the interim, because I know how much you have been enjoying these Vintage Advertisements, here's one to get you thinking about how times have changed! 

Also will read everyone's blog posts this evening - thanks!


  1. Love that. Reminds me of 'Mad Men'. Do you watch that show? One of the best drama series on TV. They actually did an episode on how they could sell cigarettes to the public after the Surgeon General came out and said they were harmful to your health. I think getting doctors to appear in their ads was one of the ideas they came up with :-)

  2. Get out! (I hope that's a colloquialism in the UK!)

  3. Thanks Derek - No can't say I've watched Mad Men, not much of a TV person, always seem to miss the best stuff - will keep an eye out for it now that I know.

    Hi Kat - the Ad is from the 1940's - its nuts!

  4. Where can I get a poster sized one of those ads for my hubby to hang in his office? He's a physician? Then again, most people probably wouldn't get the sarcasm.

  5. I'd say you could google it or else copy image - The Image is from a Camel Ad in the 1940! And yes maybe you are right about some not getting the sarcasm - or tread carefully!


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